The 365 project: days 51-53

The first week back after paternity leave has gone in a flash, and unsurprisingly the first weekend after that has also disappeared in the blink of an eye too.

After a busy few days, reduced sleep has left us exhausted at the end of the weekend! All we can do is keep thinking that it won’t last forever and eventually they will both sleep through the night without question!

51: Friday night was a bit of a rough evening in terms of crying and screaming. The little lady clearly has some trapped wind issues, or something like that, and it seemed to reach a peak tonight, and so we were forced to abandon the idea of getting to bed early, or even at all, or at least it felt like that! The crying always seems worse at night, and when you are already tired and running low on energy, your patience feels stretched.

Day 51 - Feb 26th
Day 51 – Feb 26th

52: After a whole year of waiting, and various things getting in the way, we finally got to catch up with the wife’s friends who had driven up from Devon to see us. Its a shame we can’t see them more often as their girls love playing with Olivia, and I am sure Chloe will have as much fun when she’s older.

Day 52 - Feb 27th
Day 52 – Feb 27th

53: After a morning of swimming, and friends coming over to visit and see Chloe, the afternoon had us heading out to our godsons birthday party. We didn’t know a lot of people there, but Olivia had a great time, and it was nice to see the people we did know. Olivia overcame her fear of bouncy castles and got well into it! The birthday boy also had a fantastic time and was very excited about his amazing octonauts cake!

Day 53 - Feb 28th
Day 53 – Feb 28th


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