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The 365 project: days 48-50

Well the 365 project continues, but there is one thing that must come to an end, and that’s my relentless eating and consequent weight gain. Its fair to say it has been a somewhat distracting couple of months, which all started in the run up to christmas. For me, the festive period is a time to relax, ease up on the exercise, and generally eat and drink pretty much what I like, with the intention of burning it off when spring arrives. Unfortunately soon after the new year I was ill for a couple of weeks and in no real shape to be running or cycling, so I put all the exercise on hold. Then, pretty much as soon as I’d recovered it was the run up to the due date for baby number 2!

In the aftermath of a newborn, especially with a toddler running around distracting you, there are frequently evenings where you just cannot be bothered to cook. We totally caved in and took advantage of the Just Eat app on our phones, takeaway heaven! It was all good, but boy am I paying for it now!

So the time has come to dust off my trusty myfitnesspal app, and admit that something needs to change rapidly before I find myself heading off to the shops to depressingly refit my entire wardrobe with all new clothes in the next size up! I need to be banning all the snacks, and other calorie laden treats, especially and specifically the biscuits, crisps, beer and chocolate! 

Its fair to say I have surprising will power when I need it, and can stick at pretty much anything when I put my mind to it… except healthy eating it would appear. I have a real weakness for snacks, especially when I have just walked in from cycling my bike home from work and feel an instant craving for the sugary goodness that lines the biscuit tin! Giving in to it in a moment of weakness is all too easy, especially when you keep all that crap in your cupboards!
I have to remember that I have both my daughters christening and my 40th birthday to look forward to this year (still trying not to think about the 40th!) and I do not want to look back on those and be thinking about how fat I look in the photos! Time to get my ass in gear!

Anyway, more about that another time, on with the 365…

48: There have been some beautiful viewings of the moon recently, the skies have been clear and the air has been cold. Winter is a great time of year for star gazing, and there is a whole genre of photography dedicated to it. I’d love to take more photos of the stars, but I am not sure what kind of market there would be for those. I captured this shot of the moon with my 70-200mm lens on a cropped sensor camera, but still had to crop into the photo to get this.

Day 48 - Feb 23rd
Day 48 – Feb 23rd

49: One thing we haven’t been short of recently is flowers around the house. One thing we have been short of is vases to put them all in!I lose track of when the different bunches arrived, but this particular one doesn’t seem to be doing so well, I was wondering if the cold was affecting it as it was so close to the window? I still thought it would make a good shot anyway.

Day 49 - Feb 24th
Day 49 – Feb 24th

50: Clearly the wife has been food shopping and I need to rethink snack time, maybe a nice healthy apple would be a better alternative to biscuits!

Day 50 - Feb 25th
Day 50 – Feb 25th


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