The 365 project: days 46 & 47

Days 46 & 47 of the 365

46: The final day at home before returning to work since the arrival of Chloe, and Olivia is playing the role of big sister very well, she seems to enjoy having a little sister around, even if she does pull a few funny faces while doing it. Its lovely to see all the curls that she has going on, especially as we had been swimming in the morning and leaving the hair to dry only seems to add more curls!

Day 46 - Feb 21st

Day 46 – Feb 21st

47: Day one of returning to work all done, and just glad to be home again with my ladies. After a very grumpy Sunday, Chloe seems to have had a much better day, although we have made the decision to try Infacol to see if any hint of colic is causing her to be so upset. It was nice to see her so relaxed today, as last night was pretty difficult for us, and as easy as we’ve had things so far, the relentless crying is draining on your sanity!

Day 47 - Feb 22nd

Day 47 – Feb 22nd

More to come soon!


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Husband to my beautiful wife Clare, and father to two gorgeous girls. Cyclist, runner and photographer, living in Birmingham, UK.

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