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The 365 project: days 41 – 45

The next instalment of 365 photos, days 41 to 45, for your viewing pleasure.

41: Its a shot I love taking and have taken many times, including a shot of Olivia when she was newborn, its one I’d kick myself for if I forgot to take. It is the black and white close up shot of Chloe holding her mothers finger, having the adult finger helps to establish the contrast in size. One day soon those tiny little fingers won’t look so tiny any more, we’ll wonder where the time has gone and wish we’d done something to help us remember it!

Day 41 - Feb 16th
Day 41 – Feb 16th

42: The never ending corridor. Well,  it does end, eventually. This was taken when I was visiting my friend, on the link bridge between the new hospital and the old hospital, which I didn’t even realise was still standing. I knew this was my shot as soon as I turned the corner, and thankfully it stayed empty long enough for me to get the shot without me looking a bit weird!

Day 42 - Feb 17th
Day 42 – Feb 17th

43: As has proved a common feature over the last two weeks, another day spent at home waiting for people to visit. Today it was some of the wife’s work friends turning up for tea and biscuits. I had two choices, either sit feeling slightly awkward amongst a room full of nattering women and listen to their ramblings, or simply stay out of the way and find something else to do. I obviously chose the latter, and hid myself away upstairs. As they’d stayed a little longer than I had anticipated, I didn’t have much time to head out and take any photos, but found this shot of some flowers on the windowsill looking lovely in the sunlight.

Day 43 - Feb 18th
Day 43 – Feb 18th

44: When the day is drawing to an end and you know you have barely touched your camera, its already dark outside and most people are in bed, what do you do? Stop looking for a model and BE the model! Nothing wrong with a silly selfie once in a while.

Day 44 - Feb 19th
Day 44 – Feb 19th

45: I’ve been a Canon shooter for years now, but my wonderful 5D is getting on a bit, and as these things don’t last forever I had to look at a new camera, the Fuji X-T1, which has the added advantage of being smaller and lighter, and also works with my lights and radio triggers. I took this shot with the new camera and placed the flash on the fireplace at the side of the room.

Day 45 - Feb 20th
Day 45 – Feb 20th

I can’t wait for spring to roll around so we can get outside a little more and get a few outdoor photos. The 365 project is fun, but shooting outdoors opens up a whole new world of possibilities!


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