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The 365 project: days 34 – 40

So I’ve made a decision to keep the 365 and regular blog posts separate, this will hopefully make it easier and quicker to upload and update the blog with photos. We’ll see how it goes.

34: The baby photos continue… they have to really don’t they?! This little lady will continue to change so much over the first year. I took so many of Olivia when she was newborn, that I didn’t want there to be a huge contrast in the number of photos of each of them.

Day 34 - Feb 9th
Day 34 – Feb 9th

35: I did some newborn photography training a few months ago, and knew that I had to put it to some good use now that I had the perfect opportunity, and so set up my studio lights and back drop and after taking photos of my friends little girl, I had to make the most of a willing model where I didn’t feel the pressure of a nervous parent watching over me, and was suitably pleased with the result.

Day 35 - Feb 10th
Day 35 – Feb 10th

36: On the Thursday, we had made arrangements to go out for lunch with the in-laws to our favourite carvery. The closest carvery is on our doorstep, but it is worth the extra drive to get our favourite. Afterwards we spend the afternoon relaxing with tea and a cake, one could have been forgiven for thinking it was a Sunday!

Day 36 - FEB 11th
Day 36 – Feb 11th

37: Friday, technically the last day of my paternity leave, as the following week was half term and essentially a free week at home for me. After we went for a walk around the local woods and park, I took the opportunity to head into work to show off Chloe to some of my colleagues, before treating myself to a few Friday night beers.

Day 37 - Feb 12th
Day 37 – Feb 12th

38: With my lights and back drop still out, I wanted to get some nice photos of Olivia too, as I didn’t want it all to just be about Chloe. The wife and me are quite mindful that Olivia isn’t feeling left out as it is so easy to overlook the needs of the bigger child when there is a newborn in the house.

Day 38 - Feb 13th
Day 38 – Feb 13th

39: Whilst waiting for friends to arrive after lunch, Olivia decided to get out her new toy train set, which we chose together on a recent trip to Toys R Us to spend a christmas voucher. Some thought it wasn’t a very girly toy, but I am keen to try not to stereotype her too much. The wife loves putting her in pink and giving her dolls, which is all fine, but I want her to know there are other things to explore and she is free to choose. If kicking balls and playing with cars is her thing, then so be it!

Day 39 - Feb 14th
Day 39 – Feb 14th

40: The weather is all over the place at the moment, we’ve had wet days, windy days, cold days, mild days. Today was bright and sunny, and felt quite mild while the sun was out, but as soon as it went behind a cloud it suddenly felt arctic! While the sun was beating down, I noticed how much the crocuses in our garden were thriving, I loved their colours in the sunlight, and this clump made a lovely shot looking directly from above.

Day 40 - Feb 15th
Day 40 – Feb 15th


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