The next chapter

I haven’t updated this blog in quite a few days now, I am guilty as charged, but I have my excuses… I have become a dad again!

Finally after 9 months of waiting, and managing to keep the sex of the baby a secret for so long (and almost wanting to burst with excitement and tell someone) we can finally reveal that my second daughter Chloe was born at 18:39 on February 3rd weighing a very healthy 8lb 2oz.

The arrival didn’t go quite as planned. For various reasons we had been booked in for a planned c-section and assumed that because it was planned and set for a certain day, that we’d be taken in at a specific time and the operation, as there was only three that day, would probably be done by lunch. As it turned out, we watched the first two operations go ahead on time while ours was pushed back further and further into the day, leaving us wondering it it was going to happen at all, and feeling a bit emotional and frustrated by the whole ordeal. In the end, after waiting virtually the entire day, they got us into theatre and everything was then pretty text book from there on. It all went fairly smoothly, our new little lady was soon in our arms, and we were soon back up on a ward so that Clare could recover.

Life ever since we got home from hospital has obviously been a bit different, as we now obviously have two children to look after, and very importantly have to make sure that our eldest isn’t feeling left out in any way now that the new one is here. It is very easy to become distracted by this new bundle of joy that has suddenly appeared in your life, who is ultimately very demanding of your time and energy. It is equally easy to not pay enough attention to those already around you, including other children. Thankfully, as there are two of us, we can split the work and make sure both children get the attention they need. How single parent families cope is beyond me, I take my hat off to them!

I think me and the wife have got things mostly sorted, we work well together and seem to balance each other out fairly well, and seem to be able to do what is needed to keep things running smoothly. We both play quite different roles, Clare plays a very motherly role, she’s organised and looks after the home well. I tend to be a typical dad, the punchbag that throws the kids around and generally acts a bit silly to entertain them. I’m also chief jar opener and spider catcher!

Having one child doesn’t always leave a great amount of time to do the things that you need to or want to do, and having a second child means that finding time for literally anything is limited to the small amount of time between putting them to bed, finishing chores and getting to bed at a reas
onable hour yourself! thing I did manage to find time for, was the 365 photos, Its very easy to take lots of photos when you have a new baby around you, and likewise

On February 1st I got home from work and happened to look up at the sky to see what the weather was doing and spotted some strange shapes and colours in the sky. I was a little freaked out, but soon found an answer online explaining the phenomenon, known as iridescent clouds.

Day 26 - Feb 1st
Day 26 – Feb 1st

The 2nd Feb and we are now at due date minus one, with our little one scheduled to be arriving at some point tomorrow. We have almost everything ready that needs to be for us to bring her home. Primarily, we needed her car seat ready above all else, to be able to bring her home in.

Day  27 - Feb 2nd
Day 27 – Feb 2nd

SUCCESS! Chloe arrives and now our family of three has become complete, a happy family of four!

Day 28 - Feb 3rd
Day 28 – Feb 3rd

Olivia is happy to meet and hold her little sister and help us to take her home.

Day 29 - Feb 4th
Day 29 – Feb 4th

Our beautiful little girl is too cute, and just like her sister she will no doubt have many photos taken of her.

Day 30 - Feb 5th
Day 30 – Feb 5th

This photo was taken for a reason, as we took a similar photo of Olivia just a few days after she was born. It was a wide aperture shot, taken by lamp light only.

Day 31 - Feb 6th
Day 31 – Feb 6th

Yes, another Chloe shot, there will be many of these in the early days. This shot had to be taken, her first bath moment, which she really enjoyed, and the only tears we saw were when we finished and got her out of the bath.

Day 32 - Feb 7th
Day 32 – Feb 7th

Olivia and Chloe in their first photo together after leaving hospital.

Day 33 - Feb 8th
Day 33 – Feb 8th

So that’s our exciting news AND the 365 up to date. See you all soon!


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