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365 – days 22 to 25

Its over, our final weekend of being a three person family is done! Next weekend there will be four of us! What a week it is going to be!

The weekend wasn’t marked in any special way, with the wife being as pregnant and large as she is, with just a few days left to go, she’s easily exhausted and currently not inspired to do much.

We did make it over to see my mother and visit the wifes parents too, I also made sure I found time to take my daughter swimming as I am not sure when we’ll next get chance. She has found a new confidence in the water, so I am trying to take her as often as I can at the moment, but the logistics of working around a toddler and a newborn hasn’t yet kicked in. Life is about to get a little bit manic, and we soon won’t be able to give her the 100% attention she has been used to. We are going to have to make sure we do all we can to not make her feel left out.

One thing the wife has been filling her time with is a bit of baking at home, and I came home from work on Thursday to be greeted by the smell of freshly baked cupcakes. This usually means that sadly they are either being taken to work, and hence I don’t get a look in, or the cakes are for a church sale and yet again I don’t get a look in, or the wife has friends coming round and I don’t get a look in. With the wife being on maternity leave, no-one due to visit, and no church fete anytime soon I was pleased to find out that she had baked them to pass the time and I could tuck in! Result!

Day 22 - Jan 28th
Day 22 – Jan 28th

I love Friday, I always get home an hour earlier than the rest of the week. Apart from seeing my daughter for an hour longer, the other big bonus is getting home in daylight and being able to grab a few photos outside. I figured I haven’t taken a portrait shot of my daughter in a few weeks (I always wanted to get regular shots for the first few years) and so here was my chance to head outside for a few minutes and get a few photos. She has really got the idea of posing for the camera now, which makes the job a little easier.

Day 23 - Jan 29th
Day 23 – Jan 29th

Saturday found me handing more money over to my daughter. She is too young to grasp the concept of pocket money, or what to do with it, but she knows that coins are supposed to go in her money box, regardless of who they belonged to before she got her hands on them! I am often finding change has gone missing from the side of my bed, but I don’t mind. Its nice to know that she is getting into the habit of saving it in her money box though, who knows how much she’ll have when the time comes to spend it?!

Day 24 - Jan 30th
Day 24 – Jan 30th

Sunday was one of those days where I didn’t get much chance to get the camera out, but figured that as she is growing up so fast I’d want to remember the last few days of her being in a cotbed, as the wife reads her a bedtime story. I know that it is only a matter of weeks, or a couple of months at best now before she ends up in a proper bed and we hand the cotbed over to the new baby. It will be the final transition of our little baby becoming a big girl, which is why I have taken so many photos along the way (far too many, I know!). They are only little for a such a short while, and looking back there are so few photos of me growing up, which really saddens me, but in hindsight has made me treasure each and every photo that I do have. There is still a valid argument for quality over quantity, and more photos doesn’t mean better memories. Its easy to get carried away in this digital age though, and end up with hard drives full of thousands of photos that never get looked at, which is why I have taken to printing our favourites over the last few months, ready to put in albums. We’ve already had some fun looking through the prints that have arrived, at things we’d forgotten about.

Day 25 - Jan 31st
Day 25 – Jan 31st

So what is the current new baby news? Well its Monday night now and on Wednesday morning we’re up early to head into hospital to find out what time our slot is for the operation to have the baby airlifted out. It has been nice to know when the baby will actually be here, it takes away the uncertainty a bit and makes it easier to plan for. I’m feeling excited and nervous all at the same time, and I don’t think the reality of what is about to happen really kicks in until you are holding that baby in your arms. Then sh** gets real!

We’ve done pretty much all we can to plan and prepare for this, and there are still a few bits to do around the house, but nothing that can’t wait a few more days. I guess I should be getting my man bag ready to take into hospital with a few essentials in, but being men we don’t need much, my camera and some lunch will probably do it. There won’t be a huge amount of waiting around to contend with, and once the baby is here, the parents will turn up, with our daughter in tow. So forget all that talk of books, magazines and ipods, those days of having free time and not knowing that to do with it are long gone! Now we are more concerned with where the time has gone, than what to do with it!


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