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The 365 project – days 19 – 21

The 365 project continues and I have managed to keep it up for three weeks now. I always think that the first week is the hardest, as it is so easy to just give up stop after just a few days, not feeling like you have lost much, but once I have completed at least a week then I know I can get myself into a bit of a routine, and the rest seems much easier to achieve, and there is obviously more to lose if I just stop. Not that I’d want to stop, this year is going to be pretty significant in Vokes history, as our family expands from 3 people to 4 people. The ensuing chaos is going to make for some interesting photos and stories no doubt!

Day 19 - Jan 25th
Day 19 – Jan 25th

Day 19 I got to take the car to work, and came out of the house just in time to see the morning sky turn a lovely colour, but only had enough time for a quick snap before having to jump in the car and race off to join the morning rush hour traffic, so I could curse, shake my head and wish I’d cycled into work! SO, the whole “red sky in the morning” thing, is it true? Well, it would appear so, this gorgeous sky soon disappeared behind grey clouds and turned into rain. Lovely!

Day 20 - Jan 26th
Day 20 – Jan 26th

Day 20 was a little uninspiring, so I felt something a little abstract coming on. If nothing else, you can count on some macro photography to make something out of nothing.

Day 21 - Jan 27th
Day 21 – Jan 27th

Day 21 and as I leave work in the car, one thing stands out to me… its not dark any more! The skyline of Birmingham city centre is still clearly visible, and this bodes well for my journey home when this cough has gone and I can climb back on my bike! Those few weeks over the middle of December when its pitch black before I even get on my bike to ride home, are pretty miserable. Its cold, dark, windy and frequently wet, so you can’t even see the potholes, and even if you could, no car driver wants to give you the space to steer around them! So bring on the brighter evenings, and if we’re not going to have any frost or snow, then at least give us some sunshine to cheer everyone up a bit! Isn’t January miserable?!


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