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The countdown is counting down…

The big countdown has well and truly begun now. We have an actual date for the arrival of our new baby, the wife is booked in for a c-section next week, and after our first child being 15 days late, I can’t see this one turning up early! So we know the latest possible date for absolute certainty, which makes planning things a whole lot easier.

It is fair to say though, that we have been a little complacent in the planning of this. Being parents already and having the confidence of experience and knowing what to expect can make you a little too relaxed. Part of the anxiety for first time parents is the fear of the unknown, having never gone through the emotional roller coaster of bringing a child into the world before. It doesn’t make it any less exciting the second time round, I am equally as excited as I was the first time around, I am just a little more relaxed about it this time. We had to give ourselves a kick up the ass to start writing a list though, and had to remind ourselves that our due date was getting closer and closer before we started packing bags and bringing all the stuff down from the loft that we needed. The fact that christmas also got in the way was a bit of a distraction, as once it was over and all the decorations came down, we realised that we only had about 4 weeks left to go!

Thankfully so much of the stuff we used the first time around is still in such good condition. Babies don’t generally wear much out when they are tiny and only rolling around on the floor. We also have the benefit of most of Olivia’s stuff being neutral in colour as we didn’t know if she was going to be a boy or a girl until the actual birth. This time we have found out the sex, and keeping it a secret has been a big challenge, but thankfully all the gender neutral clothes means we can happily wash it, have it ready and give nothing away to anyone! I will be glad when we can finally do the big reveal as keeping this secret does not get any easier as time goes on, people are still pestering me even now, with just over a week to go!!

Its going to be an interesting year to do a 365 project, and the first ever year I did one was the year my daughter was born, so I think bringing number two into the world and watching the two of them interact will be an extra exciting journey to capture!

Here are days 14-18…

Day 14 - Jan 20th
Day 14 – Jan 20th

On day 14 I got home from work to a very excited little girl who had barely let “hello daddy” pass her lips before almost shouting at me “PAINTING!”. Out came the paints, paper, brushes and apron. I had the foresight around 6 months or so ago, to buy her a plastic table and chair to do drawing, play doh and painting on, and it has been a blessing! It doesn’t matter how much paint she gets on it, it just wipes off. So painting sessions are fairly stress free, as there aren’t any nearby surfaces that aren’t wipe clean! Good planning on our part!

Day 15 - Jan 21st
Day 15 – Jan 21st

Day 15 was a day where there just didn’t seem time to pick up the camera, and I was running low on inspiration. When you set out in the dark and arrive home in the dark, you have to start getting a little bit creative. As it happens, I was feeling all minioned out, after the recent marathon viewings of Despicable Me 1 & 2 and the Minions movie. My daughters little minion looked like a willing model just waiting to jump in front of the camera!

Day 16 - Jan 22nd
Day 16 – Jan 22nd

Day 16 I was quite keen to get outside, and as the nights get lighter and lighter, with the sun setting a few minutes later each evening, I was taunted with the possibility of being able to do something outdoors, especially as I had got home slightly early. It doesn’t always work out that way though. It was eventually starting to get dark and my daughter found the push light we use for the cupboard under the stairs, and I loved the way it lit up her face!

Day 17 - Jan 23rd
Day 17 – Jan 23rd

On day 17 the weekend had finally landed, and on walking out of the front door in the morning, one of the first things I noticed was life had begun to appear in the front garden. Crocuses had started to pop up and show their colours, and as most of us know, the crocus is typically one of the first signs of spring. Seeing anything growing this early is quite unusual though, as we are several weeks away from where we’d usually expect to see this happening. The tell tale signs of a ridiculously mild winter with very little frost. A stark contrast to the snow storms happening on the other side of the atlantic at the moment!

Day 18 - Jan 24th
Day 18 – Jan 24th

Day 18 was a day of cancelled plans. Our little one had been up most of the night not feeling well, with a temperature too. Things didn’t improve much in the morning and we were resigned to the sofa watching movies. That was until we discovered ibuprofen for children, and an hour after taking it she was jumping up and down on the sofa, rather than lying on it! Kids, eh!


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