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Project 365 days 9 – 13

The project continues with more photos, and already we are on days 9 to 13, which isn’t bad going in my opinion, as the first few days of a project like this are always the toughest. Trying to commit to taking a photo each and every single day for a whole year doesn’t sound especially difficult, but when you actually begin to do it you become aware of the logistics of time, locations, constantly carrying a camera around with you, and not only remembering to take a photo but to always be remembering to look for something different each time so you are not always photographing the same thing. People do 365 projects for many different reasons, but I always think that they are a great opportunity to learn more about your camera, more about light and more about composition and generally see your photography improve through no other reason than using your camera more.

This photo was taken as I was on my way to bed, a real “I am exhausted but I need to take a picture today or I’ve failed already” moment! Plus they are my brand new glasses and I am really pleased with them!

Day 9 - Jan 15th
Day 9 – Jan 15th

This next photo was taken on the Saturday, we had to visit Mothercare to exchange a christmas present for Olivia and took the opportunity to let her spend some time on their new in-store soft play centre. Unlike most soft play equipment, its the perfect size for a toddler and she loves it!

Day 10 - Jan 16th
Day 10 – Jan 16th

Sunday was a day of miserable weather, and few chances to use my camera as I had taken Olivia swimming in the morning and my friends little boy in the afternoon. These berries stood out as being quite symbolic of winter, which is very much how the day felt.

Day 11 - Jan 17th
Day 11 – Jan 17th

On Monday we all sat down for dinner and Olivia was in another funny mood, causing much entertainment for us. Having had so many photos taken in her first two years, she was fairly familiar with just saying “cheese” to the camera, whether she was looking at it or not. This usually involves a big toothy grin and so on this occasion I told her to close her mouth. The end result pout was not what I expected!

Day 12 - Jan 18th
Day 12 – Jan 18th

The classic baby bump. We had taken several when the wife was pregnant with Olivia, but had so far taken none of this bump and thought we really should do, for both the memory and so we wouldn’t have one of them jealous in years to come. I had tried a few lighting set ups, but liked this one, especially in black and white.

Day 13 - Jan 19th
Day 13 – Jan 19th


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