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Diary of a sick man

Somehow it seems unavoidable that at least once each year I get sick, and I’m frankly sick of it! Its always the same thing, a flu type virus. It comes on in a couple of hours and usually knocks me off my feet for a couple of days at least, everything hurts and I will often wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat.

Right now, I am sick yet again. The virus that came on Thursday started to subside over the weekend, and left me with actual hope for a quick recovery, but soon gave way to what is to date, the single most painful throat infection I have ever had! I had my fair share of throat infections in my late teens/ early twenties, at least once a year for about seven years. I am not sure what I am doing wrong to keep getting them time after time, but this week has been horrible. I’ll be glad to actually get back to work!

So here I am, stuck at home. Refusing to put the tv on, even though the wife is out and the daughter is at nursery. Yes I’d have my pick of channels, but daytime tv is truly dreadful, so I’ll only be putting it on later if I can find a good film to watch. The wife can’t seem to function without the to being on, even if she isn’t watching it, but I actually enjoy it when I’m at home and my own and I can leave the tv off. 

One thing that I have decided to restart this week, although its proving a little tricky whilst being stuck in the house, is my project 365 photo series! It proved fairly popular last time around, and I had a lot of fun doing it, even though it took a huge amount of commitment. The first time around I posted a picture each day along with an explanation of the photo, which turned into a daily blog post and proved to be quite difficult to keep up for the duration. This time I won’t be doing another full blog each day to go with it, as even though I knew people were reading it, it was far more of a commitment than I had time for.

I truly believe that a 365 project (ie where you take a photo a day, every day, for a year), is a great way for people who are interested in photography to get to know their camera better, and I honestly think that everyone who wants to learn more about their camera, build their skills and find inspiration everywhere needs to do one. Its not just for the novice, maybe you love photography and consider yourself reasonably good, but never seem to pick it up. Or maybe you always end up shooting the same thing and want to try and find something different to shoot. The beauty of the 365 is that its YOUR 365, so there is no right or wrong way to do it, there are no right or wrong shots to take, it could literally be 365 days of learning, so what does it matter if you have 365 photos that you aren’t thrilled with, if you have learnt something at the end of it? For me, the first year was a great opportunity to try new things and even buy props for some of the photos. It was wonderful to walk down the street and find beauty in the most mundane of things. These were two such posts from my first year…



It doesn’t even matter what day you start your 365 on, as long as you finish it on the same day and try to stick to it by taking at least one photo a day.

So here, as we move onto day 1, a simple self portrait to get the ball rolling. The first few weeks are always a little tricky if you start in January, as there is only a few hours of daylight during the winter, and generally you will be going to work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark, so you have no choice but to get a little creative.

Day 1 January 7th
Day 1 January 7th
Day two was a little easier, with some flowers sitting around the house, that happened to be near to the front window as the sun came streaming through.

Day 2 January 8th
Day 2 January 8th
Day three, and I was still stuck in the house as I was feeling quite unwell by this point, but we had some more lovely sunshine pouring through the window creating some lovely contrast on my daughters face. She is at a wonderful age where she will actually look at the camera for a photo now.

Day 3 Jan 9th
Day 3 Jan 9th
Day four was a simple snapshot, something I’ll look back on in the future and smile about. Our daughter can completely zone out when she is watching something on tv. This doesn’t happen all the time, and often she will be watching something, get distracted and start running around or playing with toys. Every now and again you will totally lose her though. The almighty power of the tv has such a hold that repeatedly calling her name has no impact, and either turning the tv off or shouting her name are often the only things that will get her attention.

Day 4 Jan 10th
Day 4 Jan 10th
Day 5 and I hadn’t given much thought to the days photo until I looked out of the window, as it was getting dark, and I noticed the new moon hovering just above the rooftops surrounded by the silhouettes of clouds, trees and rooftops before it soon disappeared.

Day 5 Jan 11th
Day 5 Jan 11th
So thats it for the first five days, I feel like I have made a strong start now. It is going to be a very busy year, in no more than four weeks our second little arrival will be here, and the juggling act begins. A household with one child changes the lives of a couple in a big way, but having two children feels like a significantly bigger step up. It will be nice to see how Olivia steps up into her big sister role, will the two of them get on, or will they fight like so many siblings? I guess we will find out soon enough. These last few weeks are definitely the slowest, they just seem to drag on and on as you wait to meet the new addition. Then, and only then, can we reveal if it is a pink or blue one. Most people seem to be guessing in favour of blue, with just a few pink guesses. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Diary of a sick man”

    1. Thanks, the beard isn’t so popular with the wife, it won’t be around for much longer sadly! I’m still not feeling 100% at the moment, trying to work out if I’ll be fit for work in the morning, but I’ll just have to see how I sleep tonight first!


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