Meet and Greet Weekend @ DBDO: 1/29/16

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The 365 project – days 19 – 21

The 365 project continues and I have managed to keep it up for three weeks now. I always think that the first week is the hardest, as it is so easy to just give up stop after just a few days, not feeling like you have lost much, but once I have completed at least… Continue reading The 365 project – days 19 – 21


That cost HOW much?

With the arrival of your first baby comes a wave of chaos, the great unknown, self doubt being exaggerated by a lack of sleep and rational thought. Your world turns upside down in mere minutes and is never to be the same again. Then somehow you seem to find a bit of confidence along the… Continue reading That cost HOW much?

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The countdown is counting down…

The big countdown has well and truly begun now. We have an actual date for the arrival of our new baby, the wife is booked in for a c-section next week, and after our first child being 15 days late, I can't see this one turning up early! So we know the latest possible date… Continue reading The countdown is counting down…

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Project 365 days 9 – 13

The project continues with more photos, and already we are on days 9 to 13, which isn't bad going in my opinion, as the first few days of a project like this are always the toughest. Trying to commit to taking a photo each and every single day for a whole year doesn't sound especially… Continue reading Project 365 days 9 – 13


365 project – days 6 – 8

So here we are with a mini blog to keep the 365 project updated with days 6, 7 & 8. Day 6 I was still off work sick, and feeling very unwell, the weather outside was miserable, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on much whilst stuck in the house. As the… Continue reading 365 project – days 6 – 8

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Diary of a sick man

Somehow it seems unavoidable that at least once each year I get sick, and I'm frankly sick of it! Its always the same thing, a flu type virus. It comes on in a couple of hours and usually knocks me off my feet for a couple of days at least, everything hurts and I will… Continue reading Diary of a sick man

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Take a look around you

Take a look around you... what do you see? What is it that you hold dear to you? I'm not talking about the shiny new 2 litre turbo diesel car on your drive, or the brand new top spec iPhone, and I am not concerned if your surround sound Blu Ray player has bluetooth or… Continue reading Take a look around you