Christmas is a time for…

What does Christmas mean to you? There are so many answers for different people, but one thing it means for me at the moment, aside from all the other really important stuff thats been going on, is updating the blog!

I do love writing, but seem to struggle to find the time lately. The lead up to Christmas feels like it has been particularly busy, I have been fairly organised and productive and seem to have been on top of most things this year. I say fairly organised, as buying the usual family Christmas cards, all the mom/sister/nan type cards, has been a complete failure which only became apparent at the last possible moment when it was far too late to do much about it! Oops!

It has been the usual scurry to buy last minute gifts, send cards out, and meet up with all the people we had planned to see, but yet again the build up to christmas has gone all too quickly and I have only got to see a small selection of the people I wanted to. The two weeks off work were always going to be difficult, as I had decided some months ago that there was a very strong chance I would be potty training my little girl, as she would potentially be at a perfect age to understand it. As I had two weeks off work, I knew it was going to be a great opportunity to get it done, as I could be fully committed to it, the only question was whether she would ready or not, which I couldn’t be certain of until much closer to the time. I know all children are ready at different ages, but as a parent you learn to go with your gut instinct most of the time, and it generally serves you well when you learn to trust it. As it turns out, she was perfectly ready and the week has been far better than I could ever have expected. She had pretty much nailed it in three days, and was not only using the potty, but also stayed dry through her afternoon nap and is now happily using a “big toilet” too! I just need to cement this in week two and I think I can safely say I have won this battle and actually taught my daughter something properly like a real parent. I can’t lie, it felt quite daunting before I started, I couldn’t tell you why, but it doesn’t feel quite so instinctual as eating or walking, and therefore something I could have easily made a complete mess of. Thankfully I didn’t and I’m still not even sure I deserve any credit for it, as my daughter seems to have pretty much mastered it herself!

So with all the potty training going on, we’ve been pretty much housebound for the last week, and so the only other newsworthy event was christmas day itself. The build up can be huge, almost leaving it seem like a bit of an anticlimax when the big day is all over, but what I try to remind people is that its not all about the one day. For me, Christmas isn’t a day, its a time of year. In fact, I pretty much count the whole of December as Christmas… our tree goes up, the decorations go up, the german market is in town, I’m writing and sending out cards, the Christmas biscuits/chocolate/nuts have already been opened (and probably finished within a few days too!), the Christmas tunes are on the radio and everyone is wrapping up for the cold weather… so why limit it to just one day? Enjoy Christmas for as long as you can, its a wonderful time of year. I love the coming together of friends and family, people forgiving others and putting differences behind them, the chance to catch up with people that you haven’t seen for far too long.

Sadly, the big day is now out of the way and it that strange lull between christmas and new year where no-one really knows what to do with themselves. I always loved making plans for new years eve at this point, but it looks like I am truly on my own there this year, the wife couldn’t be any less interested in new years eve at the best of times, but she she is now almost 8 months pregnant, will almost certainly be leaving me to see in the new year on my own as she disappears off to bed by 10pm. I think a lot of people take this time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new year, while they begin to plan their resolutions. I guess resolutions are fine when they are needed, but its always worth trying to keep them realistic if you’re going to bother. I only make them on the odd occasion, and like many I guess they tend to revolve around my post christmas food and drink recovery.

What will my resolutions be for this year? Well, I guess I’ll have to give it a little thought…


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