Suddenly it all becomes clear

My life seems to be one long to-do list, of varying priorities. Somethings have been on there days, some weeks, and some far longer. Some are more pressing and others have waited that long, well a little longer won’t hurt, will it?!

One of the things I have put off forever is registering with a dentist. I haven’t had one for years, and thankfully have been blessed with some great teeth and not really needed one. Another thing I have put off is going back to the opticians. Each time I go I am reminded that my eyes will need to be retested in two years… Well that never happened, did it?! My eyes haven’t been that bad at all, and it’s only since I hit my 30s that I actually needed glasses at all. My first pair helped, and after two years I did go back for a second test, and my prescription had barely changed, which is how it’s stayed for a number of years, until recently where I have found myself getting mild headaches throughout the day.

Finally I have booked myself an eye test, and have found some glasses online that I ike, and to be honest, I wish I’d done it sooner, new glasses can’t come quick enough, and a second pair would be a real bonus. To be fair, I really got my money’s worth out of my current pair, I got a free eye test with Tesco opticians, and found exactly the kind of frame I was after for only £20. They have been sat on, dropped, twisted and bent by the kids at work before being retwisted back into shape by me, my daughter has played with them, and still they are in one piece. They are literally bomb proof, but now it is time for some new ones. I have to face the facts and bid them farewell. It is time to move on.

In other news, the rather germs Vokes household appears to be on the mend in time for Christmas, but just how did December get here so quickly? We’ve had a snotty daughter, my wife has had shingles as well as a nasty cough and cold keeping her awake at night. I’ve had a cough and cold, which aren’t fading away in any kind of hurry, but, we’re getting there. I’d rather be ill now than the two weeks I have off work! 

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, the Christmas shopping actually started a few weeks ago, the cards will be written soon, and the tree goes up along with the decorations at the weekend. My daughter has started her advent calendar, even though it’s difficult to explain toms two year old that they can only open one door and have one chocolate per day. Clearly hiding the advent calendar between door openings is the only way we’re going to pull this one off. Little miss independent is very much into helping herself to things at the moment, and naturally that includes things she shouldn’t be touching! 

We have even begun watching the Christmas films too, as I figured that with the number of decent Christmas films there are to watch, just trying to squeeze them all into one week is never going to work! Plus we are trying to fit all films and to viewing around a demanding two year olds daily rotation of Disneys Frozen, and Despicable Me 1 & 2. The words minions and snowman are probably the most spoken words in our house this week. With Santa bringing the minions DVD for Christmas, I’m sure we’re just setting ourselves up for even more trouble and less opportunities for Christmas films. 

The other thing I am looking forward to is the inevitable countdown lists they put out on tv at this time of year. Shortly after I met the wife (which surprisingly happens to be seven years ago next weekend!) we’d spend hours chatting online getting to know each other, and happened to have a good laugh over the top movies of the 80s countdown as it was around this time of year. It’s a silly little thing, but watching them now reminds me of the time we met. Now look where we are, seven years later, married, with a house and a toddler, and number two on the way! How my life has changed since then! 

Every day I am grateful for everything I have, I take none of it for granted!


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