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The year behind and the year ahead

So that's Christmas and the New Year done and out of the way, and like so many people, I like to reflect on the past 12 months, what we've got up to, what I can do better and to make sure I appreciate all that has gone on along the way. Like you'd expect, a… Continue reading The year behind and the year ahead


Christmas is a time for…

What does Christmas mean to you? There are so many answers for different people, but one thing it means for me at the moment, aside from all the other really important stuff thats been going on, is updating the blog! I do love writing, but seem to struggle to find the time lately. The lead… Continue reading Christmas is a time for…


Suddenly it all becomes clear

My life seems to be one long to-do list, of varying priorities. Somethings have been on there days, some weeks, and some far longer. Some are more pressing and others have waited that long, well a little longer won't hurt, will it?! One of the things I have put off forever is registering with a… Continue reading Suddenly it all becomes clear