Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas

I’ve fallen well behind on keeping this blog current and up to date, but thats just how it has been lately, plenty to keep me busy! We had halloween, and a couple of nights out over the half term holiday. Half term itself was busy, as looking after a toddler frequently is, and on the couple of days she was in nursery I had to be productive with my time in both the garden and the garage! The garden needs some attention before the winter sets in, but my priority was to get some rolls of turf down to reduce the size of the flowerbeds. They were far too big, making them difficult to weed and fill with flowers. I’ve never laid turf down before, but I knew that autumn was a good time to be doing it, and I found somewhere that I could pick some up fairly cheaply. The garage was also a priority, as it had become a bit of a dumping ground and was becoming increasingly difficult to move around in. By the end of the week I’d actually done what I planned, which surprised even myself, and I also managed to get Olivia to the swimming baths, which I haven’t done enough of since we went over the summer holidays. So mission half term was a success!

One of my nights out, which I had decided to treat myself to, I ended up riding solo for as the wife clearly wasn’t interested and I didn’t think any of my friends would want to go with me. I had booked tickets to see the legend that is Brian Blessed, talking about his life and his new book, and even got a signed copy of the book included in the ticket price, but best of all and quite unexpectedly I got to meet the man, shake his hand and have my photo taken with him! It was THE Brian Blessed! Prince Vultan from Flash Gordon… or as we’ve come to more commonly know him in our household, Grampy Rabbit from Peppa Pig!

The following night was a night out with the wife, with tickets I’d given her for her birthday, to see Paddy McGuinness, off of Take Me Out and Phoenix Nights fame! Id didn’t know much about his stand up reputation, but the few clips I checked out online seemed pretty good, so I took a chance and booked them. if nothing else, it was something a bit different! It turned out to be a good night, and as it happened, his act, or at least the first part, was intentionally focused around the pitfalls and problems of being a new parent, which myself and the wife could totally relate too. He was playing at the Birmingham Alexandra Theatre, so even though we were sat way up towards the back, we still didn’t feel that far from him or the stage! I’ve seen Lee Evans Live At The O2 a couple of times and wonder if the people there who were sat at the back actually regretted buying tickets and wishing they’d just bought the dvd instead. Thankfully that was definitely not the case at the Alex, and we got a reasonable view from our seats. The wife seemed to enjoy it anyway, and I had a laugh too, so mission successful!

What better way to finish off the weekend than a family trip to the park before the weather turns ugly.

Yes, winter is just around the corner, and even though the weather is still hinting of autumn and going from cold rain to warm sunshine all in the same day, we will soon be seeing those sub-zero temperatures, and it’ll be time to start wrapping up before we head out!


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