Fish and chips is the new rock and roll

Sometimes, when you have kids, that’s just how exciting your weekend gets!

There used to be a time when Friday night was about getting out of work and getting ready for the weekend, in whatever shape or form that took. The inclusion of children into the equation always puts a new spin on this. Friday night with a two year old and a pregnant wife who is tired and I think its fair to say, a little grumpy after a day at work and then having to deal with public transport and the idiots that come with it, our evening, or probably mine specifically was beginning to look like a quiet one. Literally flying solo after 9:30pm with nothing but a few beers and a film to keep me company, as the good lady retires to bed to try and catch up on some much needed sleep. So the mention of abandoning dinner and in fact dining courtesy of the local chip shop suddenly seemed like quite an exciting prospect! It may not be reinventing the weekend, or having rock stars envying my lifestyle, but even so, its a nice way to end the week of you don’t exactly have plans to “party till the sun comes up”!

The wife is now just over 5 months pregnant and is already looking as big as she was at around 7 months with the last pregnancy, and consequently she is often tired and not wanting to stray far from home. So as much as I love to make the most of the weekend, sometimes you have to try and limit your plans a bit, and just relax and let things happen. I have a bad habit of trying to cram too much into the weekends, much to the disapproval of my wife. While it’s nice to make the most of two days off work, and try to see people and do the thing you have been waiting all week to do… there is more than just me to consider. On such a weekend recently, we tried not to make any plans and just ended up visiting the parents on Saturday so that Olivia could see her grandparents. We left the women behind, giving the wife the chance to put her feet up, while I took Olivia out for a walk with grandad. Some trees and a bit of running water was like a big adventure for a tiny person!

On the Sunday I convinced the wife that although she was tired, a little bit of fresh air and stretching her legs would be good for her. I was keen to get Olivia up Clent hills, especially during the colourful Autumn months with all the leaves falling off the trees, and got in touch with one of our friends lived close by, and so we met up with them and let the kids play together. We’d got up there a little late in the afternoon, and as the sun began to set,maths temperature seemed to plummet. This was our cue to get back in the car and head off for a nice hot cup of tea, how very British of us! 

I was just really pleased that we’d at least managed to get Olivia outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying nature and exploring a bit. I want her to be interested in nature, instead of just watching on tv. I want her to enjoy getting outside and walking, whatever the weather. I’m pretty convinced that if the weather was a bit miserable, it may well just be me and Olivia, with the wife refusing to come out and sitting at home thinking what an idiot daddy is for taking Olivia out in the rain! Hopefully we won’t have too much of a wet Autumn, and winter may be a little more traditional with a bit of ice and snow to make us appreciate being all wrapped up. Obviously I do have my concerns about the ice and a pregnant wife, especially living in a cul-de-sac where there is very little through traffic or people walking to keep the paths and roads clear. 

In fact, after a recently fall on my bike, I decided to upgrade my front tyre, from its worn out state with almost 3000 miles on it, to a brand new Continental winter tyre with a lot more grip on it. 


Thankfully some of the potholes on the Hagley Road have been filled in recently, but what they’ve also done is painted over the white lines on the road that I often go over when cycling between stationary traffic, and all it takes is nothing more than a little morning dew on them to make them more slippery than an ice rink with an oil spill on it! I’ve kinda lost my confidence in cycling in anything other than dry weather, but hopefully this new tyre will help make me feel a little safer on my morning commute. At the end of the day, I have only one goal, and that’s getting home in one piece to see my little girl… oh yes of course, and the wife!



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