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That time of year again

It’s that time of year again, Autumn is finally here. These two shots were both taken with my iPhone 6 Plus on a walk over the Lickey Hills, near Birmingham and edited in Snapseed, the free editing software from Google.



The leaves are starting to turn some fantastic colours and I am rapidly running out of energy! I guess its the shorter days and having less sunlight, and I’ve previously suffered with seasonal affected disorder, or SAD as its often known, in previous years. Its a bit like hayfever, you don’t know when its going to strike or how bad it will be. It’ll pass though, and I’ve got plenty to distract me at the moment.



Last weekend we had the christening of our friends daughter, which was a lovely afternoon. I’d been asked to take a few photos, and was happy to do so, but as a guest I had to find the right balance between getting some nice photos and taking some time to relax with the wife and daughter and be able to chat with my friends. I don’t think I did a bad job, as I managed to enjoy the day and still had a good selection of shots at the end of it. Its nice to be able to help friends out when I can, although I obviously can’t make a habit of this as its never going to make me any money if I just shoot for free!

One thing I have been doing recently is trying to take the “less is more” approach to capturing photos of my daughter. Its great getting lots of snapshots, they’re really important, and obviously great to look back on, but in my opinion they can encourage us to simply take too many photos. The more we take, the less they’re worth to us. We usually end up not printing them, and they just sit on our hard drives getting forgotten about, and that makes me sad. If we are going to take photos, it should be because we want them to be seen. Hundreds, if not thousands, of photos will get forgotten about when people just end up losing them in a sea of files, never to be seen again, because they haven’t the first clue on how to organise their images.


This first shot is a perfect example of a snapshot, I just happened to have my camera upstairs at the time, and while I was in the bedroom our daughter came in and climbed onto the bed before deciding to jump up and down on it. I’m not even sure where she’d got this habit from! I quickly grabbed my camera and got a shot. Its slightly blurred, but its a lovely memory. Its all too easy to take 10 shots of this particular event, and then not delete any. Our generation are getting too trigger happy with their cameras in this digital age, and its just filling up phones and hard drives with hundreds of photos that all look the same.


What I really want to be doing is start reigning in the excessive snapshots, and be taking more photos that actually count. Over the past few months I have started taking more portrait shots of Olivia, they could just be simple ones, shots where I either wait until she’s in the garden, or take her into the garden quickly, and get her to stand still and just look at me. She’s got a little way to go with posing, and now understands that when daddy gets the camera out, she needs to say cheese… although she normally says this while looking absolutely anywhere but at the camera! I know that with number two on the way, I could well end up getting carried away all over again. I just need to spend a bit of time organising ,y photos, and deleting those that I really don’t need to keep and printing some more of those I do want to keep, along that way. This second close-up shot of Olivia is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about, the sort of shot that would look nice hanging upon a wall.

So what else has been “in the news” this week? On Friday we went for our second 20 week antenatal scan, as the first 20 week scan hadn’t quite seen everything the nurses needed to see. So we were heading back to the hospital, only this time annoyingly on a Friday, meaning I had to take a couple of hours off work as previous scans had been on Saturdays. It was worth it though, after a 30 minute wait to be seen, we finally got in and the scan was underway. Sadly the guy doing the scan (nurse?) still couldn’t see all he needed to see, so the wife has to go back yet again for a third appointment, just to cross off this 20 week scan!

On the drive to the hospital we were still discussing our decision to find out the sex of the baby. Mrs V had gone all the way from “MUST find out!” to “Not sure if I want to know at all now!” in less than a week. We just couldn’t seem to decide between us, and tossed various reasons for and against backwards and forwards, so we even put the vote out to facebook and let our friends decide! The result from the facebook test was clear, most people were in favour of us finding out. We’d agreed to go by this, and so whatever facebook said we’d do, well we’d do it… and yet Mrs V still changes her mind! Yes, I know, its a womans right to change her mind, and all that! In the end we came to a joint decision that worked for both of us, and agreed that we WOULD find out the sex of the baby… but, we wouldn’t be telling anyone. It would be our little secret, and we’ll be doing the big reveal when JR actually gets here. s I did mention this on facebook and some people instantly seem convinced that because I used the word “Jr” to describe bump, that it is going to be a boy. Well, if only life was that easy! A bluff, a double bluff, or do I just think “Jr” is suitable for a boy or a girl? I guess there is only one way for everyone to find out… and that’ll be waiting!

Days until I am 40: 233


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