Falling way, way behind…

It has been a busy couple of weeks one way or another, and as much as I’d like to blog, there sometimes doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day! Time is already a premium, and this is something I am well aware of, but technically I already have a full time job, a part time job, a part time business, a family, my martial arts class… and all this before I have any down time, time for me! I recently read online about a family who gave up their reasonably well paid jobs and sold their home to buy a caravan and just travel around the country, living from one day to the next. Initially it sounded daft, but they put up a convincing argument that at the end of the day noobe judges us by the things we bought, but by the time we spent with them. Time that can’t be bought, or replaced, or regained if we waste it. Time is essentially a currency, it’s all we have, and when it’s gone it’s gone!

It’s made me think, and I definitely need to manage my time a bit better. Although I can be forgiven this week as I haven’t been well, and had to take a few days off work with a throat infection. I don’t like taking time off work, I always feel guilty, but sometimes you just have to let the body catch up and rest. It wasn’t a fun time, sure I got to watch films and eat ice cream (it’s all I could swallow, it the cooling effect helped my throat!). Previous weeks have been a little hectic though, take half term for example, the days just disappeared. Out of five days, Clare was off which left me with four, I looked after J for two of the days and took him out, this left me with two, one of which I had taken the morning to visit the Newborn Photography Show at the Botanical Gardens. Very inspiring, and an easy way to part with large chunks of cash if you weren’t careful! So yeah, now suddenly I am down to one day, and of course I have Olivia with me, which as fantastic as it is means I don’t even get to look at a to-do list, my day is pretty much mapped out for me with food and naps.

[some of the animals from the Birmingham Nature Centre taken whilst out looking after J.]

What else has been going on recently? Well we can’t forget last weekend where we met up with friends for a day trip out to Drayton Manor Park. Our friends had managed to get us some discounted tickets, which was quite honestly the only way we could afford to join them. Its a far cry from the Drayton Manor that I last visited as a child some 30 years ago, where we had to buy strips of tickets to be redeemed against each ride, or a wristband for the day getting us onto all the rides for a whopping £6, which, for a family of four, back in the 80s, was not the kind of budget we had for a day out! The prices have rocketed since, and it may still be Alton Towers poorer brother, but its still not cheap to get in and even then, there are still ways to part with even more of your cash once you’re inside! The rides have improved significantly, and there is now the added bonus of Thomas Land for parents of small children, an assortment of Thomas the tank engine related mini rides for the kids, which seemed to be very popular! It was nice that there was something for the little ones to do, and it wasn’t just a case of us running around the park from one big ride to the next, dumping the little ones on whoever drew the short straw. Don’t get me wrong, this did happen a lot anyway, but we still managed to give the little ones a chance to have some fun on rides more suited to them! We had decided to make a full day of it, and got there early and stayed right up until they closed and literally threw us out! We found time to sit down together for lunch halfway through the day, and really made the most of catching up with our friends. We did try to get around everything in the park, and found ourselves coming back to this ride more than once…

Aside from theme parks and being off work sick, we have also been out in the garden a bit, as the wind and rain is starting to disappear and leaving us with sunnier, slightly warmer days.

These are all plants I grew last year from seed, the sweetpea, the lupin and the foxglove. The garden is taking some work, but is starting to look at bit more colourful now, and hopefully over the next couple of weekends we’ll be able to tidy it up a bit more, especially as it feels like bbq weather is pretty much here, and its time to get inviting some friends round for drinks and food!

Its great finally having a garden, something I have missed having for so many years. I can’t even remember the last time I had a proper garden to look after, and although its not always easy finding the time to do what needs doing, it is very rewarding, and almost a little therapeutic whilst you’re doing it. There is always the greenhouse as well, of course, which is is currently full of tomato plants and more flower seeds, some of which will need planting out in the coming weeks! Then there is the beauty of relaxing in it, and Olivia being able to play in it, and of course firing up the bbq in it! My plan for this summer is to invest in some kind of sun lounger and spend at least a couple of hours here and there with my feet up, catching a few rays, and quite possibly with a beer in my hand. Sometimes life is all about the little luxuries!



7 thoughts on “Falling way, way behind…”

  1. I completely hear what you’re saying.

    I’m currently running about 2 weeks behind my Daily Photo blog, having just posted June 22nd barely an hour ago. The photo’s are there (for the most part), just lacking the time to process my images, upload and write!

    It’s winter here in Australia, so the shorter days, busy schedule (a 7 year old at school and a 5 year old’s activities) means time behind the viewfinder is limited.

    Keep at it, every time I hit “Publish” feels really rewarding, no matter what the date.

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    1. You are right, for sure! I managed to complete two back to back 365 projects, with the daily blog to go with it. I just need to push through this busy time! I’d love to get another 365 on the go, but it really was very demanding by the end of it!


  2. Time and space can both be some form of luxury. How we use them depends on our priorities, and hopefully we do it right (not just for ourselves but also for those we care for around us). Hope you get more ‘me’ time plus sun to enjoy those beer in the garden!

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    1. Well thank you very much for your kind words. Time and space are indeed a luxury, and one that I don’t treat myself to often enough. If we get some nice weather this summer I think I may find a little time to put my feet up and relax though!

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  3. I wrote a comment, then my internet timed out. So now I will just say your post inspired me and I started a post to preserve my idea. Now it’s a draft. like many other drafts, that I will eventually get to, when family issues don’t impede my concentration. Thank you for the idea.


    1. Well I’m glad I’ve managed to inspire at least one person with my posts! Do make sure you find the time to finish your drafts, you’ll thank yourself for it later on when you sit down to look back on them!


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