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Gotta love a bank holiday

Gotta love a long bank holiday weekend, nothing feels better than sticking two fingers up to Monday morning and turning off your alarm clock, and there’s still one more bank holiday left for this year as well! There are numerous ways to kickstart the weekend, and while I couldn’t be out propping up a bar with friends or dancing the night away, I had a suitable, albeit a slightly antisocial alternative… film night! The wife was out with friends for food and wine, so once the little one was fed, bathed, and in bed, I had the evening to myself. I already had the pizza and the beer, so now all I needed to do was find a suitable film to watch. On a normal weekend I have to be fairly selective in my film choices with Clare around, if the pace is too slow she’ll fall asleep, if its too complicated she will lose interest and fall asleep, if the film is too long she will fall asleep, too much sci fi going and she will probably fall asleep… you see a pattern forming here? In fact, if we manage to get to the end of a film and a) she’s still awake and b) says she that she actually enjoyed it, then I am secretly high fiving myself and mentally doing victory laps of the living room! Tonight though, I had no such concerns, I had the full spectrum of films available to me, and could choose to watch absolutely anything I wanted, so where to begin? Well, the obvious two choices are Netflix and NowTV, as I have subscribed to both and have them available through the Apple TV. I eventually whittled my choices down to just the one film, Edge Of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise, the IMDb reviews were good, and although I’d previously discounted this film as I think Tom Cruise can be a bit smarmy, I have to say it turned out to be a pretty good film and I quite enjoyed it.

Saturday started out as a bit of a slow day until I decided that I was going to treat Olivia to a new car

and so we headed down to Toys R Us to have a look around. We already knew what we were buying as she had enjoyed Oliver’s push along Mini so much, and we knew it was currently half price, I certainly wasn’t going to be buying it later on in the year at full price! She had a look around and a play in the other cars, but the battery powered ones were ridiculously expensive for childrens toys. After wearing herself out running around the toy shop it was straight home for her nap whilst Clare went out food shopping. After the shop and nap we headed around to the in-laws to show off Olivia’s new car, and ended up staying for dinner.

I even managed to grab a few beers in the evening with a friend at the local, although it seems a little odd that he has moved into our old flat and so now has the long walk up to the pub and its me who has the five minute walk. I didn’t really mind when it was the other way around, but I definitely prefer it this way round! Its good to catch up with him, and also reassure him that after knowing him for almost 30 years I am not going to jump on the bandwagon of people who have turned their back on him after his marriage broke down. He is definitely very grateful that after all this time our friendship has never changed, we have been through quite a lot together over the years after all. I just hate when not only friends, but couples whose weddings I have photographed also split up, only this week I found out about another separation, and I was at least pleased to hear it was amicable between them, both parties are happy and have moved on, but for me half of the enjoyment of what I do is getting wrapped up in the excitement and emotion of what should be the biggest day of the lives of two people! Often at least one side of the couple will add me on facebook, and so I do get to find out when the marriage didn’t work out. Obviously the couples that do add me and then stay together make me even happier!

Sunday was another grand prix day, this time around it was Monaco, and I was very excited about this race, as its one of the classics. Clare is really understanding about the Formula 1, its totally not her thing at all, but she makes no fuss of the fact it takes up an entire Sunday afternoon, as she is pretty grateful that at least I show zero interest in football, which I know can take up the majority of weekends, and even weeknights, every single weekend of the football season, which pretty much runs from the end of August until the start of the following August… in fact I am not actually even sure why they have those four weeks off!

I had just enough time to see the race and watch the cars cross the finish line before we headed out to our friends housewarming, which we wrongly assumed was just going to be a couple of us and a few hot drinks. Little did we know it would be an actual houseful and and full on bbq! We were supposed to be meeting some of Clare’s friends afterwards, which was nice, but it sadly meant leaving the bbq early. It turned out that they couldn’t make it in the end, which was a shame, but on a positive note we hadn’t left the bbq when we found this out, so at least we got to stay a bit longer!

And that was the weekend, normally by the evening I’d be thinking about Monday morning and returning to work, only this time I didn’t have to… half term baby! I am totally going to pretend I don’t have a toddler who will be waking me up early, and at least living the dream of a lie in, for a short while in my head anyway!


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