Photographing a new life is a privilege

Yet another week has flown by again, the weekend has pretty much been and gone, and I find myself here on a Sunday night wondering how I totally failed to get a mid-week blog typed up yet again. So what has been taking up all my time? Sometimes I just don’t even know. We did onlly have four days at work, as Monday was a bank holiday and with the weather being kind to us, we headed down to the local park to see the funfair. DSC03552

Olivia loved going on the rides, although she was still too small for the majority of them, but she was certainly all about the cars this weekend! The funfair is essentially a way for people to empty your pockets of cash for you in a very short space of time. I made sure that we only went with a small budget and weren’t tempted to blow large amounts of cash to win cheap teddy bears or a goldfish! I had committed myself, as a father, to win at least one bear for my daughter, I kind of see it as a fathers duty, its in the job description! I decided that the Hook-A-Duck would be my first game of choice, especially as “every go wins a prize”, although I didn’t expect each go to cost £3! It came as no shock that I hooked a duck pretty quickly, but my heart quickly sank when my gaze was directed, by the clearly disinterested woman behind the counter, away from the teddy bears on display towards the cheap plastic toys on the floor which was all my duck apparently qualified for! I was welcomed to take another go and trade in for a teddy bear, but could see that this could soon get expensive and I’d end up spending £6 or £9 on a bear that clearly cost them a small percentage of that. I’d rather go out and buy a nice looking bear than throw money at the cheap looking tat that was on offer, still, I’d come here with a purpose and found a fluffy unicorn doll amongst the cheap toys I’d been told to choose from. Not quite the teddy I’d hoped for, but close enough! The rides, on the other hand, were far better value, as each one was only £1 per person per go, and far from being over after 30 seconds, they all seemed to last quite a while and Olivia had a great time.

I’d heard about the pickpockets at events like this, and so we all held onto our phones, keys and money for dear life, although trying not to make it too obvious, but I did feel a sense of relief when we walked out of their and headed back to the car with everything that we’d taken with us! It was a nice afternoon, and lovely that one of my sisters had met us there with her boyfriend for a couple of hours. After the funfair, we went to visit my mom for a couple of hours, and stopped off at Clare’s parents on the way home, as requested, as they had bought her a ride on car that weekend, which she got to take for a little test drive and refused to get out of until she’d been pushed about in it for over half an hour!

It was a lovely way to spend a bank holiday, and I’d really been looking forward to it! It didn’t disappoint!

The rest of the week passed by in a blur and suddenly its Friday night again, and I have few things planned for the weekend, starting with my friend arriving on Saturday morning for me to photograph her newborn baby. The session goes quite well, and getting the baby off to sleep is a little tricky, as is keeping them that way whilst they are being posed. The whole thing is a very slow, relaxed process which a) keeps the baby asleep, and b) relaxes mom so that she isn’t worried about me handling her most valued possession in the world!


Baby Chloé was a fantastic model, and so super cute that I almost didn’t want to give her back at the end! This was it though, my first successful shoot since the training, and while there was still a lot of improvements to be made, I felt much better than the previous attempt where baby Sebastian flatly refused to go to sleep!

After the shoot we had an afternoon to fill, and toyed with the idea of jumping in the car and heading out to the park, but both agreed that we really couldn’t be bothered. Instead, we took the opportunity of a bit of down time to just play in the garden and not have to worry about going anywhere, or putting coats on, or parking, or if it would rain. Just getting silly and playing in the garden.

I had a 10km run planned for Sunday morning, so didn’t want Saturday to be a particularly late night, although at the last minute got a pub call text from my friend who I hadn’t seen since he’d moved into his new flat. At this point I knew I wouldn’t be in bed early, but sometimes you just have to give in and spend a bit of time with your friends!

Sunday morning proved to be a challenge, not only was I still feeling bloated from the chip shop dinner we’d had the night before, but I had also woken up on the sofa at 6:30am, which wasn’t the greatest nights sleep I’d ever had. I was a bit puzzled by it, as the tv was off when I woke up, so its not like I had fallen asleep watching the tv or anything, I’d somehow just not quite made it to bed! So, tired, bloated, and slightly hungover, I headed out to meet my friend for our run, and I have to say that it really is quite a good hangover cure! 10km later and I felt much better, cleaner inside, and bright and awake!




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