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It’s decision time…

the eve of the general election, and I won’t lie, I’ve never really taken as much interest in it previously, as I am at the moment. 

Why? Because I am now a parent, and thinking of my child’s future and not just my own? Because as I approach 40 I’m suddenly paying more attention to the things that actually really matter finally? Because it’s about time I grew who and started to take this kind of thing seriously? All of the above? Who knows!! All I know is that this time around they are not making it any easier for us to decide. The two main big parties in the lead have very passionate followers, and each of them screaming for why people should in their wildest dreams consider voting for the other guy. All this misplaced loyalty is very admirable, but is it necessarily what’s best for the country? I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing that the differences between the parties was much more black and white, and we’d instantly know which side to pick, but it isn’t and I don’t!

I did, however, enjoy the company of a knowledgable friend who also had no allegiances to any one particular party,  but did argue the different merits of each one, and gave me something to think about which I think may actually help in my decision tomorrow, or technically today as we’ve gone past midnight!

I don’t want to get too political on here, discussing each party and why I have picked the one that I have, the debates are already currently raging all over Facebook and it can all get a little bit “my dad is bigger than your dad!”, and I certainly don’t intend to attempt to sway anyone’s decision, my views are my own, as are yours! I just hope that whatever the outcome, we don’t start rolling our eyes and wishing we’d voted for the other guy in six months time!

So yeah, while I say I’m approaching 40, it’s still actually a little while off yet. My next birthday still allows me one last final year in my 30s, hardly a reason for a monumental celebration, but still an excuse to treat myself to a few drinks and an evening out for a meal with the wife. Ideally I’d love to be putting the BBQ on and inviting lots of friends and family over, but the current weather situation isn’t hugely encouraging. Traditionally, my birthday has always been a dry day as far back as I can remember, except for one year when there was a shower in the morning, but then it stopped and dried up! As it stands at the moment, the long term forecast for my actual birthday is suggesting a temperature of around 12°c and a couple of showers, not what I’d got in mind and certainly not what I’d hope for if planning a BBQ! In fact it’s fair to say that the current weather is pretty miserable, and the rain and high winds make for some fairly tough, if not a little scary, rides to and from work! Hopefully this will all settle down and we can start to enjoy a proper summer soon, it’s the one time cyclists actually look forward to where we can forget about the waterproof clothing, so much rain and spray that not only can we not see where we’re going, but even if we could the road had become one giant mirror and all the potholes have suddenly vanished! Riding blindly with no idea of where the potholes lie is essentially the cyclists version of Russian roulette!

Anyway, this post was only ever meant to be a short one, so here’s a photo of my beautiful daughter, enjoying colouring at her new table whilst playing with her dolly.



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