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Gotta love a bank holiday

Gotta love a long bank holiday weekend, nothing feels better than sticking two fingers up to Monday morning and turning off your alarm clock, andĀ there's stillĀ one more bank holiday left for this year as well! There are numerous ways to kickstart the weekend, and while I couldn't be out propping up a bar with friends… Continue reading Gotta love a bank holiday

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Lets use this power for good…

Well, as usual, I am falling further and further behind with the blog, but it has been a busy week at Vokes HQ and I'm trying to catch up with myself. In the last week, there have been drinks, mountains and birthdays... well, one birthday specifically... mine! The rather busy weekend started with our long… Continue reading Lets use this power for good…


Photographing a new life is a privilege

Yet another week has flown by again, the weekend has pretty much been and gone, and I find myself here on a Sunday night wondering how I totally failed to get a mid-week blog typed up yet again. So what has been taking up all my time? Sometimes I just don't even know. We did… Continue reading Photographing a new life is a privilege

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It’s decision time…

the eve of the general election, and I won't lie, I've never really taken as much interest in it previously, as I am at the moment.  Why? Because I am now a parent, and thinking of my child's future and not just my own? Because as I approach 40 I'm suddenly paying more attention to… Continue reading It’s decision time…

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One person can make a difference, and every person should try

Yeah, another week has gone by, and this whole bi-weekly thing on the blog has fallen by the wayside a bit. Still, I'm here and back on it for a recap of this week. On a big plus point, I am now done with editing the two easter weddings, so I have a little more… Continue reading One person can make a difference, and every person should try