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Falling behind

This blog, with all best intentions, was always intended to be put out twice a week, sadly the reality has meant that this has been quite difficult to actually achieve recently.

The important thing about falling down is picking yourself back up again. I’m aware that this blog has a small number of regular readers, and I don’t like to disappoint, even if the truth is that I do write this for no-one else but myself. If I wrote it for anyone else then I’d probably given up long ago, especially if I thought no-one was actually reading. I’m aware that some people may read this and be wondering why I bother to keep this up, and there are a few reasons, the first and most important being the memories. When I do finally give this up, I’d like to make sure I have access to what was going on in my life at the time. As a photographer, quite obviously memories are important to me, its what I do, capturing them and preserving them to be looked back on in times to come when people have grown up, changed, passed away, moved away, whatever. Likewise, what I do and what I think are equally important to preserve. Its not exactly like a teenage diary hidden under my pillow, but a record of this time in my life, a point where exciting things are happening as my little girl grows up and learns new things. Each day is like a mini adventure where she can learn to do a new thing and learn to say a new word, and we have new problems to face such as dealing with illnesses and temper tantrums and other associated parenting problems. Becoming a parent has been the best thing ever for me, and I want to make sure I can remember this time when my little girl is all grown up and has her own house.

Yes, that is a long way away, I am quite aware… but I am also acutely aware of how fast the last 19 months have flown by. Its almost like time seems to accelerate as you get older, and then goes into light speed when you become a parent. I remember thinking about wanting to have had all my children before I was 40, and now I am suddenly doing the maths to make sure I can still fit the second one in… and its a close call, the clock is ticking louder and louder!

One of the things that does make the time seem as if its going even faster is when you fill in the gaps with things you actually enjoy doing, rather than just sitting around trying to find something to watch on tv. Its no secret that I always like to make the most of my weekends and the holidays, especially I’ve wasted so many of them before now, and its time you just can’t get back. I know I can’t change my past, and if what I’ve done and the choices I’ve made bring me to where I am now then I wouldn’t want to anyway, my wife and my daughter are amazing! I do still look back sometimes and wish I hadn’t wasted so much of the time I had at my disposal, but if nothing else I have learnt from it!

Now that Olivia is at an age where she is fully interacting with everyone and becoming an endless source of amusement, these opportunities aren’t so much about being productive and filling time just for the sake of it, they’re about making memories. Going out walking, exploring, seeing friends and family, and also just relaxing and finding time for the three of us to spend together being able to do things spontaneously if we want to. The wife grumbles at me often for not doing enough of this… I am trying to get better at it. Its difficult when a part of me wants to catch up with so many people all the time, even now we still don’t see as much of some of our friends as I’d like, and often it takes just one person to send a text or make a phone call to get people together, and I’d rather just be that person than wait for someone else. I am just hoping we have a good enough summer to get the bbq out lots and actually have everyone come to us so that we can see lots of our friends and family in one go, rather than try and spread ourselves thinly! I guess with my birthday coming up in a few weeks (the last one in my 30s too!) its a good enough excuse to get those coals burning and cook some meat, my birthday has been traditionally good for weather, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! I’m still having mixed feelings about what I am going to do for my 40th, so I at least want to make the most of this one!

So what has been going on recently? What has keep me from updating this blog as often as I wanted to? Easter was a lovely two week break, lots of friends, lots of time with Olivia, although I am now back to work and tied up with working through two weddings worth of photos from the Easter weekend. Hopefully I will have these photos finished and delivered sooner, rather than later, as a) I hate to keep people waiting, and b) I have other projects I need to be focusing on. Last weekend saw me photographing some childrens portraits, although it didnt go entirely to plan, and straight after we were off to visit my nephew for his birthday, and Sunday saw us at christening of our friends little boy, who is only a couple of months younger than Olivia. There were a number of toddlers and small children there, so they were all entertaining each other, and playing on the thoughtfully provided soft play equipment. I was kicking myself as I’d walked out the door without picking up the spare battery for my camera, which I knew was running low as the battery indicator had been flashing at me for some time. I’d never have done this on a paid job, but this was a freebie as it was a friend, and I’d been asked just to capture a couple of photos, which I managed to do successfully before the battery indicator stopped flashing and this particular battery gave up the ghost! In my defence, we had been quite rushed getting ready that morning, our plans were all looking good until we got a last minute text from another friend to look after their little boy for a couple of hours while they tried to sort out some issues at the new house they’d just bought and moved into. They promised they’d be back in time to pick him up so we could go out (which they did), but it left us with not as much time as we’d planned to get ready. Still, we made it to the church on time, and we’d done a good deed for the day at the same time. They’d already babysat for us, so it was the least we could do to help! The wife was very happy that we got to show off our super cute daughter in her new dress and new shoes!

Right, so its getting late and I need to get this post out before I go to bed, as its took me long enough anyway.

Bed calls!


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