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New challenges

Monday morning lands with a bang yet again, and another weekend is over in a flash! It has been a bit of a blur since Friday, and I haven't seen nearly enough of the family, but there was lots to do and that's how it goes sometimes! Thankfully not every weekend is like that, but… Continue reading New challenges

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Falling behind

This blog, with all best intentions, was always intended to be put out twice a week, sadly the reality has meant that this has been quite difficult to actually achieve recently. The important thing about falling down is picking yourself back up again. I'm aware that this blog has a small number of regular readers,… Continue reading Falling behind


All good things must come to an end

Easter holidays are now officially over, I really dont know where two weeks has gone, it only feels like a week! Sunday evening has landed again, and while I don't think I will finish this post tonight, I have at least made a start. Yes, two weeks have flown by in a blur, and I… Continue reading All good things must come to an end

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If Carlsberg made weekends…

What a weekend! Easter weekend means two banks holidays, which means that the wife gets two days off work for free, and on top of which I had the weddings of two friends to photograph, which I was quite excited about, one on Good Friday, and the other on Easter Sunday, separated by the Saturday… Continue reading If Carlsberg made weekends…