Where does the time go?

Sundays blog should have been posted by now, it clearly hasn’t been!

The weekend was pretty hectic, and there was very little time to actually sit down and just type.

Friday was certainly a day to look forward to, the simple fact that it was payday alone is always a good start, and then on top of that a staff training day means no kids at work. Finally the end of the day rolls around and it means that my easter holiday and two weeks off work have now started! Boom! Sadly my Friday night celebrations soon became a one-man affair as the wife promptly fell asleep (yet again) almost as soon as we put a film on! In fairness, anything even remotely sci-fi related was always going to be a bit of a gamble.

Saturday started early, the day began by heading over to see my friends, as I was looking after their son J again for a couple of hours. When we initially began discussing this arrangement and how it would work out, I thought that it may end up being every weekend, which I was hoping to avoid. Thankfully the whole arrangement has been fairly relaxed and flexible so that it suits both them and me, as anyone who knows me knows that my weekends and my family time are very precious. This particular weekend the weather wasn’t great, but as I only had a couple of hours and J seemed quite lively, I thought I’d take him for a walk and give them a quiet half hour. While we were out I managed to quickly snap this shot along the canals and was quite impressed with how the phone handled it! I don’t take the camera out much any more now I have given up on this years 365 project, but still can’t resist grabbing a quick shot now and again.

After a couple of hours at home, I was dropped off at the pub by the wife as that afternoon I had been invited along on a stag party, the groom from one of next weekends weddings. He is an old friend, a nice guy that I used to work with a number of years ago, and so even though I didn’t know anyone else there I figured it would be a fun night out anyway. Starting with a few ales in a local pub, we soon moved on to some greyhound racing, and then finishing off with a curry… although by that time there was only a handful of us left and the groom had already been carried home! I even got home myself at a sensible time and without being ridiculously drunk, and managed to make it to bed quietly without waking anyone up. It may not sound like the most exciting way to get home from a stag party, not be staggering from one wall to another, but I had a 10km run arranged for Sunday morning with my friend and that level of hangover could only have meant a solid hour of pain and the rest of the day in bed!

As it happened, I got home feeling fine, and was able to make a start on watching the recording of the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix that I’d missed whilst out running, this is of course before Clare headed out for afternoon tea with friends leaving me in charge of the little person who sees no importance of the afore mentioned race, and apparently has other ideas on ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. So we decide to head out for a walk, although with no car it means a bit of a walk to the nearest park, time to get the trike out! The buggy seems to be an unpopular choice these days, and its much too far for Olivia to be walking yet, so the trike saved the day, and she was happy to be pushed all the way there in it.
Things soon changed when we got there though, it was clearly too late in the day, someone was needing her afternoon nap, and now I was nowhere near home with a little girl who was starting to get upset. All she wanted was to be picked up and was too tired to even go back in the trike, which resulted in screaming each time I tried it, and I didn’t exactly want to look like the guy who was trying to kidnap a child or something, and have some do-gooder call the police. So I had to carry her, and it made for a very long walk home, and there were tears anyway, even though I still hadn’t put her down at any point, and could no longer feel my arm any more! Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, I had finally made it, and was at least greeted by the wife who was now home and could take over toddler duty to let me regain my sanity, and our friend as well, who had popped over with her little boy for a short visit. Eventually the feeling came back in my arm, and I’d stopped sweating from the speed walking home, and could relax. I thought I had this parenting malarky nailed, apparently not, I can already hear the “Dad, you just don’t understand!” in my head, well in advance of her actually being able to say it! Oh well, they do say you live and learn, and I have learnt that with two weeks of being responsible for a little person, my forward planning needs to be a bit more effective than that! The wife seems to have this inbuilt knack of remembering everything and covering all eventualities… whereas I only have the knack of going out and making sure I bring the correct child home with me!

And so, as we ended Sunday night with a child now thankfully peacefully sleeping, we can relax and enjoy some time together that we missed out on Saturday night!


1 thought on “Where does the time go?”

  1. Another wonderful post. I see, even slowing down, or hitting snags, takes nothing away from the creativity of your posts, and your added snippets of humor are always delightful. Thank you for another great story.

    Liked by 1 person

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