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Stop starting over, begin again

Its no lie that I am often easily distracted by things, and starting a project doesn’t necessarily mean I will finish it, at least not all in one sitting, so to speak.

One thing I did do recently was to review my photography business and decide that my website was no longer up to scratch. It wasn’t terrible, but it definitely needed a facelift, and if I was going to move forward then it needed to look at bit more polished than it currently was.

I reviewed many options and had to consider numerous features, such as cost of setting up, the time it would take, how much time it would take to make changes, how it worked on mobile devices, whether I could sell prints through it, and whether I could get the site running on my own or if I’d need a designer to get involved (expensive!).

So far I have a free 14 day trial on a provider that has caught my eye, and seems to tick a lot of the boxes, so I am going to run with it for a while, and if it fits the bill then I even have the use of a discount code to make it cost effective! Should anyone be interested in taking a look, I even have a new website address and consequently a new email to go with it, and the new site can be found at with emails going to If you have any thoughts or comments on it, why don’t you drop me an email and let me know?! I’d love to hear from you, and its always good to know who actually reads this!

The site itself is currently quite basic, and there is much room for customisation, although that will require some investment of time, although I should be able to do much of what I want on my own with the help of a few online tutorials, rather than forking out a four figure some for someone to design something for me. Granted, it would be an awesome five star site if I paid a designer handsomely for the job, but thats not the kind of budget I’m working on at the moment!

As I add more to the site I will be singing my own praises no doubt, and if anyone reading this happens to be on twitter, you can follow me there @andrewvokes where I will be posting the updates and you can also get notifications about new blog posts at the same time! Winner!

Of course the irony is that focusing on the website has distracted me from finishing this blog post, and yet again it is getting late and I am still up typing. The good news is that tomorrow is the last day at work for a couple of weeks, and although I don’t get much of a lie in with the little organic alarm clock in the next room that gets us up each morning (and still in the middle of the night sometimes!), at least I don’t have to set my own alarm clock. Sadly the wife will still be at work for a lot of it though, so I will still get an alarm clock waking me up at some point!

So what else has this week offered us? Well our little girl is unwell again, more pesky germs circulating at nursery, and yet another cold, only this time it brings with it a temperature. I decided that as I’d caught the cold too, I wanted to take a day off cycling and rest a bit, so we all got in the car this morning, dropped Olivia at nursery, and I then dropped Clare close to work and carried on. I’d been at work a matter of minutes before the nursery called and informed me of her temperature and asked me if they could give her calpol to bring the temperature down a bit. Ah yes calpol, the magic elixir for parents of sick and grumpy toddlers everywhere… I was only too happy for them to give her some, the stuff works wonders and has often been the only reason we’ve got a grumpy baby back to sleep in the middle of the night! Sadly this temperature didn’t disappear and so Olivia had to be collected from nursery where she then proceeded to take a giant 3 hour nap, clearly in need of some sleep! Thankfully by the time I got home after enduring the nightmare that was rush hour traffic! Tonight simply highlighted the exact reason I cycle to work and back every day… it took me just shy of an hour to get home, whereas I am often home within 25 minutes of getting on my bike, regardless of traffic! I just can’t do rush hour traffic any more, it makes me want to hurt people! IMG_4630
Getting home is always great, but even more so after being stuck in so much traffic and doubly so when your wife and daughter are waiting at home for you, even if I was greeted by a snotty, grumpy, hot little girl who just wanted to be picked up and cuddled until bed time!

The cuddles are great, and often the best part of my day, but they aren’t quite as much fun when they are the result of a poorly little girl who doesn’t understand why she’s feeling like this and just wants some reassurance. Still, this is the life of being a parent, and there is no magic wand for making them better, and the cuddles are about as good as it gets sometimes!


1 thought on “Stop starting over, begin again”

  1. I think your site is looking really good 🙂 I’ve looked at a lot of sites that include wedding photography and you have a good mix of photos in a really clear, easy to navigate format. I know you said it’s just the basics on there at the moment so I look forward to seeing it when it’s jazzed up even more! X

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