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The playground bully isn’t always who you’d think it is…

Advertising would have us believe how much insurance companies want to do for us, how much they want to help us, and how we should totally believe them that they’re simply the best (oh, and always the cheapest of course) company to go with.

In reality they’re a bunch of big bullies and its all very corrupt and dark.

No one wins with car insurance except the insurance companies themselves. A quick search on google comes up with articles like this and its not just young drivers that feel this way. Why are insurance companies the only business to offer no loyalty rewards for people that stay with them? On the contrary, anyone stupid enough to stay with the same company two years in a row is going to get totally fleeced on the policy renewal!

Anyone who has been to the blog recently will have read about the hit and run that happened to me last weekend, involving myself, two other cars and the car who drove off. Well thats all still being processed and giving us a headache at the same time, but now we have finally got our hire car come through, and we get sent this…



Its all very nice, but as a minimum £30k car I wouldn’t even like to imagine the daily hire costs that they’ll be charging for this! Yes, the insurance companies are paying for this but they won’t lose out, it is only going to end up being recouped on policy premiums, so we all pay for it in the end. Now bear in mind that this is replacing a humble Vauxhall Astra that cost us about a quarter of the price, and you have to question why they have sent such an expensive car! It surely can’t be a case of “this is all we had left”! I may as well enjoy it while we have it though, especially as our insurance company played only a minor part in getting us this car, we had to do a lot of the leg work ourselves, and the company who provided it literally made us jump through hoops of fire first! They haven’t even promised us we can keep it, as the company it came from don’t want to claim from the car that hit us, for some reason they want to claim from the car that drove off and are leaving it up to us to do the detective work on finding out more details about this mystery car… well excuse me while I fire up the time machine!

It has all proved to be rather stressful so far, and when you pay insurance companies a huge whack of money each year, for essentially no work at all if like me you haven’t actually claimed for anything in over 10 years, you’d kind of hope that they’d put a bit more effort in, in taking the stress away from you.

At least for the moment we have wheels, and we can get about, although for how long I don’t know. The company who provided the car say they won’t claim from the car that hit us, they want to claim from the car who caused the accident… yes thats the one that drove off that no-one has the details for… although I am contesting this and will be phoning the insurance company tomorrow evening to have it out with them, as if we can’t get any more details on the car who caused the accident (even though he drove off and we don’t have a time machine!) then we may not even be entitled to a hire car. Surely the claim HAS to be against the car that hit us though? Yes, even though it wasn’t his fault, the fact remains that he was the one who hit us and caused the damage to our car!

To balance this out, I have had good news this week, unrelated to the car. Firstly on Tuesday I was assessed for my next jujitsu belt and passed the grading, I am now officially a brown belt in jujitsu Kiiiaaaaaiiiii!!!! This is the result of four and a half years of training, and the next stop is black belt! That’s quite a thought really, its going to be a massive leap from brown to black and it will be quite some time before we are even close to ready for it, as the time between belts goes up exponentially. I did wonder if, after finally getting the brown belt, I might actually take a bit of time off or even consider dropping it altogether. Four and a half years is a long time, and it would be nice to have Tuesday evenings back again for a while, but then to come this far and not even attempt to go for black seems a little crazy. It would be like swimming the English Channel from England to France and then turning back as soon as the french coast is in sight! Admittedly I was struggling a bit for enthusiasm before christmas when I started to consider taking a break, I was tired, busy and possibly a bit down because of the time of year. Most people have heard of SAD, where some people suffer with a mild depression as the months head into winter. I used to have it each winter, for a number of years, but I haven’t had it for a while now, I actually thought I was completely over it, but it seems it was back again just before christmas, and left me feeling a bit flat, leaving me to question the jujitsu, and whether I wanted to continue at all, or whether I even had the ability to improve and keep up with it, and more importantly whether I wanted to leave Olivia each Tuesday and not see her go to bed. In reality, these were pointless thoughts really and I just needed to get through this dark mood and back to my normal self again.

In other good news, also related to insurance again, I needed to book and use a school minibus soon and as the deadline for booking it came closer, it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to insure it, as I’d been informed that, due to recent changes, it looked like the school were no longer insuring minibuses for personal use outside of school hours. I tried with no luck to find temporary cover for the weekend and left with virtually no options, and after much research and hunting down quotes online and phone calls to insurers, it turned out that there was actually a chance it could be covered by the school policy anyway. I spoke to our head teacher and he promised to look into it and find out, and so after a phone call from him, it looks like the bus IS actually insured at weekends, so my plans are back on! High fives all round!


Yet again this post is not out on Wednesday as planned, so I’ve thrown in a lovely photo of a post-nursery Olivia who has had a busy day playing with friends and frequently arrives home after nursery wanting a few cuddles and a bit of time in front of Peppa Pig, although as this little girl changes she seems quite happy with a bag of Pom Bears rather than cuddles from daddy today! Sad, but inevitable!

Thanks for any comments I’ve had along the way, especially from anyone who reads this regularly! Apologies if I don’t reply to you very quickly, I still read them all!



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