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There just aren’t enough hours in the day


The weekend starts the minute I clock out on a Friday, and my favourite part of my entire weekend is when I get home, get changed and get straight out again to pick Olivia up from the in-laws. This particular Friday the weather was good, so I figured I’d walk round and so that I could get Olivia to walk back home with me. Since she has started walking she loves being outside and looks for any excuse to walk. She was quite happy to push her little pushchair home… until she’d gone about a hundred metres then suddenly wanted to be carried the rest of the way!


We managed to pick up the high chair that we’d brought to leave at my moms house, as it wasn’t getting a whole lot of use over there and even though it was only a cheap one, we preferred it to the one we’d been using. The adjustable and removable tray table is much more convenient, and the ability to shorten the legs so that we can use it as a small chair as well makes it a great option. She loves getting in and out of it herself and being able to sit and eat in front of the tv.

The afternoon was going well so far, great weather for cycling on the way home, a few hours with my beautiful daughter before she went to bed, an indian takeaway ordered so me and the wife could spend a few quiet hours together, the only thing I was only missing now was a few beers. I headed out to Asda to pick up some while we waited for the takeaway to be delivered…

and then this happened…




The grey Corsa in the top picture was hit from behind by a mystery Ford Focus travelling at around 40mph whilst we were all sat stationary at a red traffic light, and was then sent flying into the black Mitsubishi parked next to me, then bounced off him and hit me taking out my mirror and putting a significant dent in the car, (it didn’t look much at night, but looked a lot worse during the daylight). The Focus then rammed his way through and drove off straight through the still very red light, leaving the three of us wondering what the hell had just happened. I was waiting for blue lights to come screaming past as I assumed he had been trying to escape a chasing police or something, but nothing! Some blue lights did appear a short while later, that came from a random ambulance that just happened to be passing at the time, he stopped to make sure we were all okay and then carried on along his way.

The police eventually arrived and took our details, the Corsa driver had an ambulance called for him, although he wasn’t visibly hurt, he could well have been in shock or suffered serious whiplash. The poor Mitsubishi driver had to have his car towed away due to damage, and he’d only had it four weeks. Mine was thankfully still drivable and so the police soon sent me on my way as there was little else I could do  once they’d got my details and saw that I was fine and clearly not at fault in any way. Oh well, at least the curry was waiting for me when I got home!

Saturday was a much better day, I started with a photo shoot of my friends newborn baby. I’d got my cousin coming over for lunch straight after, so thankfully things went smoothly, even though I was a little late getting there. I am still waiting to get signed up for some newborn photography training, but already know that the best age to photograph a newborn is when they are less than three weeks old, as they sleep much better and can be posed easier. This still went well, and we got some lovely photos out of it.


When I got home, we served up some home made bread and some home made carrot and coriander soup, which went down a treat when my cousin turned up! It was a lovely afternoon and the weather was gorgeous outside, so we all headed out to the local park for a walk, and it obviously wasn’t long before Olivia ended up on a swing, and was very happy. We squeezed in a quick food shop after my cousin had headed home, and then it was eventually time for my sisters birthday party on the evening, and thankfully the in laws had stepped up to babysit Olivia for us, for which we were extremely grateful. I’d normally ask my youngest sister, but as she was also at the party, this wasn’t practical. We could probably do with finding a couple of people who’d be happy to babysit. I am sure people along the way have said they’d only be too happy, but that was probably not long after she was born, and I have long since forgotten who they were!


The weekend obviously wouldn’t be complete without a run of course, and thankfully my running buddy Rob was on hand to tackle another 10km with me on Sunday morning. The weather was grey and cool, which is good for running in as you don’t overheat too quickly, and that was certainly a possibility as today we were going for it. With the first ever Great Birmingham 10k coming up, we needed to step up our training a little and so today we took a deep breath and went for it. Rob can set a mean pace, and I was good for the first few miles keeping up with him, but after about 3 out of the 6 miles I was starting to struggle. Still, we managed to keep up our pace until the end (only just!) and ended up keeping a solid 8:30 min/mile pace all the way around, meaning our 10k run actually came in at a respectable 52 minutes compared to the 1hr 7 mins we’d done the last time we went round! Not too shabby, although I was pretty much running on empty by the time we finished!

Sunday was looking to be as busy as Saturday, after the run we met up with my old school friends Andrew and Richard and their wives and children for some lunch at a pub carvery, which after a 10k run felt like I’d really earned it! It was great to see them again and lovely to see their kids growing up, and of course Olivia loved playing with them too. It wasn’t the original venue I’d planned to meet at to eat, but it did the trick. Then after a slight confusion over where to meet, we eventually caught up with my friend Millie and my godson Noah for an afternoon in a school hall called ‘Messy Church’. Their local church takes over a school hall and provides plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun and make things, before  sitting down for some food. It was good fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it, plus it was nice to see Millie and Noah again, as we don’t see them often enough.

So that’s it, the weekend is now done, and back to work in the morning. At least we really made sure we made the most of it. I don’t think we could have crammed anything else in, and I need to balance this out with a few quieter weekends soon, as Clare much prefers these. A slower pace is nice sometimes, but its still nice to feel like we have actually done something with our couple of days off.


1 thought on “There just aren’t enough hours in the day”

  1. The first thing is,thank God everyone is okay. I remember the days of walking with little ones. Mine were born so close together that 2 of them were barely walking when a third had to be carried. Soon enough, that independence will totally take over.Precious holding while you can. Another beautiful baby I see.It’s great all the great things you fit into your weekend. Here’s to never slowing down as long as it’s fun.


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