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Nothing good ever came from worry


Its getting late, and I should be thinking about going to bed very soon, yet I am only just starting to type this, I have been too distracted to start before now, even with the little one in bed, the wife out, and the tv off! Damn you internet for distracting me so! On a plus point, I have managed to cross a couple of things off my to-do list, including rearranging a venue for sundays lunch with a couple of my old school friends and the significant ladies in our lives, not only are we all married, but we all have daughters too within a couple of years of each other! We are men who are going to see a lot less of the bathroom in years to come and will undoubtedly end up becoming unpaid taxi drivers at some point!

I do love to get together with all the friends we have when we get chance, especially those with children, its so nice to think that if we’re all still friends in years to come, then hopefully our children will be too, and they will then have friends they’ve known their entire life! Does that sound silly? I only have the one friend that I’ve known that long, its my friend Vanessa, who I have known since I was three years old and don’t get to see nearly enough of her these days! Bring on the summer, that BBQ is going to get put through its paces this year, I’ll be on it every other weekend if I get the chance, and yes I know its unlikely that I’ll get to use it even once a month given the british weather, but one can hope! I really need to start thinking about getting out in that garden at some point and starting to dig up the weeds that have begun to appear, before they start taking over again. I want the garden looking colourful again this year, like it was for Olivia’s 1st birthday party last year. I have all the seeds ready to plant, and I just need these pesky frosty nights to disappear. We seem to be getting a regular late frost these last few years and it really puts the brakes on getting out in the garden and being productive! The weekends through March are already looking busy anyway, which doesn’t help, its difficult trying to fit anything last minute in at the moment, and spending a few hours in the garden when its cold and wet is somewhat especially unappealing when you don’t have that many hours to spare anyway! Still, I managed it last year, and I can do it again, I already have vegetable seeds growing in the spare room, and they will need planting out soon, some of them are too big for the tiny seed trays they’re in! Tonight isn’t the only night that the wife is out, she is also busy tomorrow night as well, and hopefully this post will be finished, so I can crack on with a few other chores while I have nothing to distract me (no, not even you, internet, you’ll be turned off too!). I just need to be organised and actually make this to-do list a physical one, and not just in my head!

Todays photo was one of the few I’ve actually taken this week, I have truly fallen off the 365 project wagon, I’ll have to start again soon! I wanted to capture Olivia sitting at the table drawing as she loves having a pen in her hand, which she unfortunately favours over the much safer option of crayon or pencil! We are pleased to see that she seems to be favouring her right hand for the majority of her drawing, which means she wont be spending the rest of her life as a “leftie”. There is nothing wrong with leftie’s of course, but there are things us righties do take for granted. A humble pair of scissors, and something I hadn’t thought about until last week… an innocent camera, the shutter button is always on the right, and it hadn’t occurred to me! You poor lefties, totally forgotten about!

One thing on my shopping list is a mini table and chair for Olivia to sit at, so that she can eat, draw, paint, play with play dough, all at her own height. We did buy a booster seat for the dinner table so that she could sit with us, instead of in her high chair, but it boosts her a little too much for our table and she doesn’t fit under it properly, so we haven’t really been using it much, although it will be useful for eating out, so its not going in the loft just yet! I did just sit her on the chair without the booster seat for this photo, and she fitted perfectly, although obviously wasn’t strapped down at all! I’ve found the perfect toddler sized table that she can sit down and get up from as she pleases, without any need to be strapped in which is this one which is perfect for the job, although it isn’t exactly pocket change, so if anyone is feeling generous or comes into any sudden obscene wealth…

Things were a little tight last month financially, but we feel a bit more relaxed about things this month, and so I decided to book us our first little family holiday…
Its no secret that I love jumping on a plane and flying out to somewhere hot and mediterranean, but
being a parent means that you have to adapt to a new way of life, and it involves making sacrifices. The fancy foreign holidays will have to be put on hold for a little while, and I don’t think Olivia would appreciate being kept hidden in the shade all day long anyway. With this in mind we’re keeping it local and sensible, a humble break in Torquay will suit us just fine, and I have wanted to go there for ages anyway, a few days by the seaside building sandcastles with Olivia and eating fish and chips by the sea… I’m just as excited about this as any holiday I’ve been on, mostly because we get to take Olivia on her first ever holiday… and then remind her in years to come about how it did nothing but rain and all our dreams of sandcastles came to nothing! In all seriousness though, I really can’t wait, just for some time away together as a family. It will be nice to actually get away, especially when I didn’t think we would this year. By then Olivia will be just a few weeks short of being two years old, and no doubt will be a completely different child. I know its England, and the weather is really hit and miss, especially in August for some reason (you tend to notice this as a wedding photographer!) but I am really looking forward to watching Olivia running up and down the beach and in and out of the sea. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the weather gods are smiling down on us that week! I know this holiday gets the thumbs up from the wife too, as she’s not much of a traveller, she likes to be close to home, and this is only a couple of hours on the motorway, plus its not breaking the bank, which is her primary concern, and rightly so. Our parents only took holidays in England and Wales when we were little, its all they could afford to do, and so its good enough for us too! When Olivia is older, and hopefully has a little brother or sister (this is NOT an announcement, merely pondering the future!) with both of them in school and us not paying nursery fees any more, we should be able to save up for a trip to Spain with a bit of luck. We just have to be a bit more patient now!

Just to finish off, as I am already a day late with this post, today (now Thursday) is world book day, and there have been many things going on around the UK with various schools and nurseries to mark the occasion, and so we packed madam off to her nursery today dressed up like cinderella… could she get any cuter??




2 thoughts on “Nothing good ever came from worry”

  1. That mental to do list, gets me every time. I think the idea of friends for life is great, especially your children and your friends’ children. As for the bbq, my son has hit that grill with snow on the ground, the meat taste just as good as a summer bbq. No advice on the gardening, my thumb is not green at all. I admire all who can grow anything. One of my patient’s mom gardens, and another patient’s brother gardened. Awesome people. A word on the photo, that shot looks mystical, pristine water and twinkling lights. Of course the best photos, as always, are the ones of Olivia. She is so beautiful. I had 5 boys before I finally had a girl. Children are always the best part of our lives.


    1. I’m going to hold my hand up, the photo of the sea wasn’t mine… yes, I’m kinda hanging my head in shame, but in my defence I never claimed I took it! It was just one I pinched off the Internet to highlight where we are going! Thanks for all the comments though, they keep me motivated!


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