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Procrastination is the thief of time

A week. Where has a week gone?

I almost feel robbed!

There are two ways of looking at how best to spend a week off, one way is to fill your time, be as productive as possible and not waste a moment, whereas the other is to kick back, relax and appreciate everything around you. I personally see time as the most precious resource we have, and hate to feel like I am wasting mine. The only problem with this attitude is that when you become preoccupied, you don’t notice the time pass, and suddenly a week off can quite literally vanish while you’re not looking. I started this week off with a list of things to do and people to see and so for me, it was a fine balance of doing all that needed to be done versus taking a bit of time to relax and put our feet up. Time at home with the family is never time wasted. Yes, I know there is plenty we could have got out and done as a family, but the weather has been miserable this week, the budget has been restricted, and now and again its nice to just have a lazy day at home, and enjoy having a bit of quiet family time.

One of our jobs for the week was getting Olivia to have her feet remeasured, to make sure she is wearing the right size shoes, and potentially buy her another pair if they have grown enough, which it turns out they had!

How can a tiny pair of toddler shoes cost more than my branded Firetrap mens shoes, which are several times the size of hers? I feel there is definitely a gap in the market for some healthy competition here!!

The following day was our day out to meet our friends Terri & Chris at a halfway point between their house in Devon and ours, so we decided to meet up and spend the day in Bath, which is a beautiful city and one that I have always wanted to visit. It was an easy enough drive down there, and we were really counting on Olivia having her morning nap in the car, but sadly she only slept for a short while, so we knew there was a chance she could be a bit grumpy today. Thankfully she was suitably distracted by the girls once we all met up, they love seeing her, and its nice to know that they potentially have a lifetime of friendship ahead of them. Our first port of call was Pizza Express, which I was really looking forward to, although the experience sadly didn’t match our expectations. Whilst the staff were friendly and helpful, we had to wait almost an hour for food, and even then they only brought half of them out. It was a further 10 minutes before the childrens meals arrived, and not all of the food was very warm. we were all starving though, so we tucked in and took it up with the staff when it came to paying the bill. Clearly the manager was just having one of those days, and I could feel his pain, just not enough staff and he’d spent several hours in the kitchen himself. Thankfully he went and chopped a significant chunk off our bill and this helped to make up for the wait, but it meant we had spent far longer inside than we’d planned and not enough time getting out and exploring the city.

What really pleased me about these photos is that I had packed up not one, but two cameras… and promptly left them both at home, so all of these were taken on my iPhone!

After taking a walk by the river, exploring some of the shops (including an interesting independent chilli sauce market stall!) and then stopping off for some hot drinks at a Costa, it was almost time to head home. Sadly our pizza experience hadn’t left us much time to explore the sights, although the fact it is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre site means that if you want to see a lot of the sights then you need to put your hand in your pocket! It is a wonderful place, and I’d love to go back and spend some more time there and actually visit the baths next time.

Here’s what the UNESCO website has to say about it: The City of Bath is of Outstanding Universal Value for the following cultural attributes: The Roman remains, especially the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the baths complex (based around the hot springs at the heart of the Roman town of Aquae Sulis, which have remained at the heart of the City’s development ever since) are amongst the most famous and important Roman remains north of the Alps, and marked the beginning of Bath’s history as a spa town.

We finished our day by stopping off at the Royal Crescent, as it was free and right next to the car park we’d dumped the car in earlier. It was lovely to see, a grade 1 listed building and a perfect example of Georgian architecture at its finest. I thought there would be a flood of tourists, and I’d struggle to get a photo, but it was surprisingly quiet!


As soon as we got home and got Olivia to bed, we sat back and realised that the week was now almost at an end, Friday was done. There was only the weekend before we had to head back to work and the thought was a bit depressing. Its not that I don’t like my job, but after spending time at home with the family I feel spoiled and just wish I could have a job where I could spend more time at home, which is why I have decided that I am going to push the photography business again this year. It has been running very quietly in the background for a couple of years since we got married, started to get the new house ready to move into and then had Olivia. Now it is time to pick things up again, and I am hoping to change direction a bit, moving away from the weddings and more towards newborn photography. If I can get myself on a course and buy some props then I’ll just need a few babies to practise on. I already have some pregnant ladies lined up for later in the year, who are happy to get a free shoot while I build up some portfolio material for the website. I did have a family photoshoot lined up for Saturday that was cancelled due to some cross communication, partly an error on my part, a lesson learnt, but it left the day free. The weather was pretty miserable, and to be honest, we all just fancied a lazy day at home. They don’t happen often, and its nice to just relax without any kind of plan or need to leave the house. The evening was set aside for a 40th birthday, although it was only me heading out tonight as Clare was staying at home to look after Olivia. Nights out up town are few and far between these days, but it was great to finally have a catch up with my friends, celebrating my friend Trevor turning 40. It seems like only yesterday that we were dragging ourselves home after a night out AND a curry as the sun was coming up in our 20s! Now here we are all starting to hit the big 4-0 and life couldn’t be any more different. It was good to let our hair down a bit, especially riding into town and starting the evening in a stretched hummer! Sunday saw me regretting all this a bit though, suddenly last night wasn’t so big and clever. Its fair to say that I was suffering, paying the price for a heavy night. There was no rest for the wicked though, I’d promised my friends that I would be with them by 10am to help them look after their autistic son. It was only for a couple of hours, so I got through it and got home just in time for lunch, very kindly cooked by the wife. In fact everything was very kindly done by the wife today, I was not much use for anything, and even had to retire to bed for an afternoon nap to try and recover a bit of energy ahead of returning to work the following day! Sleep helped a little, but not as much as I’d hoped, so we eventually settled Olivia down for the night and went with the rather naughty option of a Sunday night chinese takeaway and a film to end our week off. Sadly the film choice was given the thumbs down (yet) again by the wife, and it has left me wondering if I still need to keep subscribing to Netflix, as it is becoming increasingly harder to find anything worth watching lately! In fact a quick google search (other search engines are available!) has led me to the fact that Netflix in the US has over two and half times more films than Neflix in the UK. How is that fair? Why do americans get so much of a better deal than us? I thought I’d done okay in my choice of film, but apparently not. Still, must keep trying, better luck next time!


2 thoughts on “Procrastination is the thief of time”

  1. It all sounds marvelous. With such an adventure, I’m happy that the pizza mishap didn’t not ruin such an outing. It’s always hard for me to return to the work week, despite missing my little patient when I’m off. (He’s 6 months old). Anyway,the more fun you have, the more you want. Great pictures by the way.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment! Yes, even after the pizza fiasco we still had a great day, and spending a week with the family always makes me grateful for what I have, and it always makes it hard to let go when the week is over!


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