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Forget the weather, lets go for a walk!

The countdown to the half term holiday is finally over, and its time to relax with the family for a few days. This term has gone so quickly, it feels like we’ve only just started back from the christmas holidays. The major benefit of reaching this particular half term holiday for me, is the amount of daylight whilst I’m cycling to and from work, it makes a massive difference, and I am no longer just relying just on bright lights and a hi-viz jacket to be seen. I do still feel like I need to invest in at least one more front light before next winter to feel completely safe, the one I ordered from China that I waited two months for was great while there was power in the battery, but the charger didn’t work and so once it ran out, it was dead! A real shame considering how bright it was. I can’t even send it back to them, as after waiting two months and sending a few “where is my light? Its starting to get dark here!” emails, they agreed to refund me on the chance it had been lost in the post. Ironically it turned up later that day, I kid you not! Sure, I felt a little guilty, I’d just got a free light, but when the power ran out a few days later and the charger failed to do anything I soon got over it! I’d only have sent it back anyway, so they’d lost nothing.

With half term here, the family time starts at the weekend for us, and this particular Saturday happened to be valentines day so we had the little person with us. The thought didn’t cross our mind to drop her off with family so we could just have some romantic time together, and while the romance certainly isn’t dead, we’d rather have Olivia with us anyway, just the three of us. We had a bit of lazy Saturday where we didn’t go very far, as we had plans for the evening anyway. I had no-one to run with this weekend and so had the dilemma of “do I run or do I not run… or do I just leave it until sunday and hope I’ve got the willpower to run on my own?”. So we stayed at home, which is a nice way to spend a Saturday once in a while, sometimes we can plan too much and not have time to relax. Our Saturday evening involved meeting up with our antenatal friends, as we’d all managed to get babysitters to enjoy a child free night out together for the first time since before the babies were born. Our baby sitter was my sister and boyfriend, who we fed with a bolognese before we headed out. Bearing in mind that everyone in our group was the parent of an 18 month old toddler, we knew it wasn’t going to be a late night.

Sunday morning, and my weekend run just wasn’t going to happen. I bailed out.

Instead we had a fun afternoon meeting our good friends for lunch followed by a walk through Sutton Park. The lunch looked promising, the pub restaurant we’d met in was lovely inside, and while the staff were friendly and helpful, we were let down when the food quite simply took forever to arrive, and considering the portions weren’t huge we were hoping we’d be blown away by the quality… I think its fair to say that while it was nice, I couldn’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed by it. Still, an apology from the manager and we shrugged it off and headed for our walk. It was grey outside, and not especially warm, but that didn’t matter, this is Britain and so we can’t waste weekends sat inside waiting for sunshine!

I started tracking the walk on a gps app on my phone, although I missed the start of the walk, but after doing the maths, worked out that we had covered about 4 miles walking from one side of the park to the other and back again. Yes, if you haven’t been to Sutton Park before, it really is that big! It was good to get out and get some fresh air, walk off some of our dinner and get the heart pumping a bit. We should be doing this more often. I can’t wait for when Olivia is a bit more steady on her feet and we can go for more countryside walks. Hopefully when the summer arrives and the days get a bit warmer, she’ll be much more confident in her walking.

As Sunday night arrived, with the weekend coming to an end, normally by now I’d be thinking about Monday morning, preparing lunch and checking the bike over, but with the week ahead off work, I was able to grab myself a few beers and treat myself to a little bonfire in the garden. I’d saved a load of wood from when the fence blew down last year and had to be replaced with a brand new one, and all this wood needed to be got rid of, it was either try and get it in the back of the car and make the drive to the local recycling centre, and NOT have a fire… or just save yourself the time, trouble and diesel, and burn it! When we moved in a brought myself a firepit so that the fire is contained and safe and there are no ashes to sweep up when its done. There is something about a fire that makes a man feel quite primeval, add a beer and it makes for a perfect couple of hours entertainment. Its even more fun when the couple of beers in question have kicked in and you end up playing with the iPhone slow motion feature!


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