Sometimes you have to look a bit deeper

The last few days have been a mix of good and bad, and one of the good points was the arrival of my new phone… yes, I finally have it! The iPhone 6 Plus gold edition, and it is living up to all expectations! I do get very excited around upgrade day, and after many weeks of deliberation I finally managed to make a call on which phone I wanted. I am not going to bore everyone with a review on it, you either like iPhones or you don’t, and if you do then you already know what it does! The one thing I have been especially impressed with though, is the camera. I’d heard numerous people comment on it on various youtube reviews and it really does deliver! I’ve taken a few indoor shots of Olivia and some outdoor shots on some crocuses that have appeared, and I’m blown away by how good it is!




All three of the above photos were taken in the iPhone 6 Plus. As beautiful as it is, I was a little concerned about the size of it when in came to using the mapmyrun app and tracking the GPS location on my weekend runs, but thankfully realised that there may be an alternative, as a lot of the functions were still working on my trusty old iPhone 5, even without the SIM card in it, as all the apps were using the wifi. I was also pretty sure that the GPS function doesn’t need a phone signal and so would work without the SIM card in, and decided to test this theory. I loaded up the running app on the wifi at home and then took it with me on this mornings run where the GPS found it straight away and tracked us for the entire run while my big new phone sat in the boot of the car. I got back home after a rather chilly 10k run with my friend Rob this morning, and once the phone reconnected to the wifi I could upload all the data. It worked like a dream!

So what didn’t go so well this week then? Firstly it started with my first real injury at work, and bearing in mind I work with children with autism, the school actually caters from 2 years up to 19 years meaning some of them are adults by the time they leave, some are taller and even stronger than me! I’ve managed to be quick enough to avoid any real injury before now, but this week one of them managed to sink their teeth into my arm. Thankfully I avoided any hospital trips as I’d managed to avoid the skin being broken properly because I’d reacted quickly when I saw the teeth heading towards my arm. Yes, not quickly enough I know, but it could have been a lot worse. The surface injuries have pretty much vanished, and now I am left with a significant bruise, although I am lucky that I don’t bruise a great deal, so this is not hugely obvious!

Then there was the sad passing of the mother-in-laws aunt, an elderly lady who lived in Ireland, I believe I’d met her once, but not a bad innings at 94. I think most people would be happy with that! The main implication of this for us, is that the funeral is obviously in Ireland, meaning the mother-in-law, our baby sitter for three days a week, will be away for a few days and so Clare and myself will have to take a couple of days off to look after Olivia. I’m sure work won’t be especially thrilled about it, but they do understand and it shouldn’t cause any problems for them. Between me and Clare, we’ll only need a day off each, and as I’ll be taking Wednesday, at least I can give them a little warning rather than dumping it on them Monday morning.

Our weekend plans also didn’t quite work out. Initially we were supposed to be having lunch with friends on the Saturday, but they had to cancel at the last minute as their youngest was ill again. I do feel sorry for them, he seems to be ill all the time, and they just don’t seem to get a break. As a last minute alternative we decided to have the parents over for lunch instead, but certain complications meant that only Clare’s parents ended up making it over. Something small had caused my mom some distress, and knowing she has been a lifelong sufferer of depression, in the end I figured it was best to just leave it for now. Depression really is a hidden monster, made worse by the fact that some people don’t even know its there and can react really badly to someones apparent unreasonable behaviour or difficult attitude. Being armed with this knowledge doesn’t always help the situation directly at the time, but it does help with how you react to it, and it means that you can avoid making things any worse and know when to just step away. Sadly this had to be the case for lunch, but thankfully it was all soon resolved. We finished our Saturday off with a rare trip to the supermarket for some shopping as we’ve cancelled the home shopping delivery pass, followed by a pizza and a film. I took a gamble on the 80s classic Wall Street, which although I enjoyed, it appears Clare found pretty dull. Oh well, you can’t win them all.




As has been pretty typical of the weather lately, Sunday started dry and cold, a rather fresh 1ºc, which made the Sunday morning run a real wake up call. As if running 10k wasn’t going to wake you up anyway, doing it in this temperature certainly did a pretty swift job of that! Still, even after last nights pizza and beers, I was up and out and knocking out a 10k run before breakfast. There is a sense of pride in just being able to do that, although it is one of the times where having a running partner is critical, as I’d have otherwise stayed in bed!

With the run out of the way, and Olivias nap done and lunch finished, it was time to head over to see my mom, and make sure she was okay. We knew seeing Olivia would cheer her up, and Olivia could get to show off her walking and dancing skills! We could only stay for a couple of hours though, as we had to be home in time to make sure Clare could get ready and get out for her night out with friends, apparently ‘bingo’ is the new ‘clubbing’!! How times have changed! I thought Clare would scoff at the idea of bingo, not go and join and become a member!!

One of the last points on tonight’s post is the fact that we have some seeds shooting up to mark the start of this years growing season. It’s too early to get them out and planted, as we still have a few weeks of frost ahead of us potentially, and historically we’ve had late frosts up to late Feb/early March for about the last four years. Putting these shoots out now means they’d either get eaten by birds, or more likely just die because of the cold. I just hope we find sufficient time to get over the allotment and keep it in check this year.



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