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Where does the time go?

I think I am fairly happy now with the new frequency of this years blog. I am still missing being able to put daily thoughts down on here, but the whole blogging daily thing was just unsustainable, and I was starting to get behind towards the end of the year. Although we’re now well and truly into the new year, and as todays title suggests, I don’t actually know where this year is going, we are into February already and the weeks are rolling around with a scary kind of regularity. Working in a school and being almost a victim of routine, so to speak, makes you notice these things even more. There are times when I may be sat in a lesson thinking to myself “I just cannot wait for the weekend”, and suddenly I am sat in that very lesson again seven days later thinking to myself “I’m sure it was only five minutes ago I was wishing for the weekend, has it really a week ago I was sat here thinking that??”, almost like it was the same day and there had been no weekend! When we started the new term after christmas, I was thought about how pleasnant two weeks off had been and it had spoiled me, and this term was going to feel like forever, yet here I am with only a week and a half left, literally just seven actual school days! That’s it, virtually a whole term gone, and I’d barely even blinked!

The practical upshot of this apparently accelerated time scale is that tomorrow is finally phone upgrade day, and I (hopefully) take delivery of my new toy at work, and with a quick backup and restore via iTunes thanks to the genius folk at Apple, I should hopefully have my new phone up and running with all my apps, music, contacts, text & emails, and call logs on it, like I had just photocopied my old phone. Oh the beautiful simplicity of Apple! Yeah I know its not everyones cup of tea, and a lot of people have walked away from the iPhone in the last couple of years, but it literally does everything I want a phone to, and with my only real complaints for me, have been the slightly restrictive screen size and poor battery life of the iPhone 5, but I am a happy bunny now both of those issues have been apparently resolved… well, if you are to believe all the many, many reviews online. I did a whole lot of research this time, more than I’ve done before, and think I’ve made the right choice, still, as the saying goes “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, so I guess only time will tell.

What else has been happening recently? Well my jujitsu didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped and the elusive brown belt I am still waiting on continues to hover just outside of my reach formthe time being. I fell apart on the night during grading and forgot everything, I had a complete mental block and obviously wasn’t quite as ready as my sensei imagined on a few key areas. Our sensei is not the kind of person to try and catch us out, and wouldn’t put us through a grading if he didn’t think we were ready for it, but with us only having one training session a week, and with so much to learn, especially at brown belt level, sometimes weeks and weeks can go by from the time when you practise a technique, to when you get the chance to do it again!

I have been training in jujitsu for over four years now, and my friend Matt started literally a few weeks after me, so we are on the same grade and it really helps when we can train together, although now and again due to his work commitments there are the odd weeks where he can’t make it, and training with the other belts below me doesn’t always give me the practise I need in certain areas. I am determined though, I’m hoping to have that brown belt very soon, they mean so much more to you the higher you go. I remember being very pleased with my first ever yellow belt when I started, but in hindsight, it was such simple and basic stuff that the yellow belt didn’t actually mean a lot. Four years on and I am feeling more confident, although I think I still have a way to go before I’d feel particularly brave in a confrontational situation on the street, which in reality was the whole reason I started doing this. Still, after brown belt the next stop is black, and I will need to be much more skilled and confident by that point! This is definitely a marathon and not a sprint, there is nothing short term about training in martial arts, and I am glad I fought the pre-christmas urge to quit when I was feeling down and fed up!

We’ve been very grateful lately that Olivia seems to be over the majority of her winter germs and is much more energetic now, and sleeping better at night too, although a recent cough is getting in the way of that a little bit, but we are still well on the way to regular sleep patterns again and sleeping through the night. She is now walking pretty much everywhere, the crawling has virtually disappeared altogether, and we’ve even been walking her out in the shops and supermarkets. She’s slow and keeps going the wrong way, but its fun, and we’re never in any hurry to get where we’re going anyway! all this walking has clearly made her very tired though, and when she gets home its obvious that she’s just had enough!



We’re still looking forward to the weekends and hoping to get out and allow Olivia to do as much walking as she can, although the park is a very cold choice at the moment with temperatures regularly hovering around freeing. The two week forecast is suggesting they will rise slightly, but not by much, and its still going to be pretty chilly overnight! The weather may not be warming up much, but the great news is that the nights are drawing out and the sun is setting later and later. I am even starting to get home before it gets dark now, which makes a huge difference when you are riding home in rush hour and people just haven’t got the time to slow down or pass you safely! There is also the benefit of Clare being able to walk back from the bus stop before it gets dark as well, and the knowledge that she won’t have to make the walk in the dark again until well into October! I just hope we get a good summer with plenty of sunshine so we can enjoy some time in the garden with Olivia playing outside before we have to think about those dark nights again. They’ll be here in no time, where does the time go?

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