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So what is this weeks news then? Well firstly I’ve taken the weekend off running, I think that when you train hard and push your body you need to stop now and again to let it catch up. So while I am no triathlete, I am usually cycling five days a week and running one day at the weekend in a typical week. Combine this with the fact that I don’t give myself enough sleep each night (although it is a new years resolution to do something about this!) my body can sometimes get a bit run down. So when we had some rather unexpected snow on Friday night I got a text from my friend and we wrote off Saturdays running, and when it came to Sunday my running buddy was feeling under the weather and phoned in sick. So I took the opportunity to make sure it was a weekend of relaxing for me. I still have my goals to focus on, the weight loss initially, and the 10k run in May, but one of the things overlooked in most peoples training is that rest and recovery is as big a part of it as the actually running itself! Needless to say, the the extra hour or so at home this morning was greatly appreciated!

On another subject I have also restarted the 365 project for its third year, and I have decided to disconnect it from this blog and keep it separate. It can be found at for any body that wants to stop by and have a nose. It was a big project to take on, and year one was made much easier by the journey we went on announcing the pregnancy, the arrival of Olivia and our transition into parenthood. It was fun, and it will be great to look back on in the future. Year two I went at it again, and largely documented Olivia as she grew and learnt new things. It was not a year for me to be honing my photography skills, this was all about capturing my little girl and making some memories. I debated year three and decided to put it on ice for a little while, but a few weeks into the new year and I am starting to miss it! My baby is a baby no longer, and every day is different. Life is suddenly wonderful and full of excitement, and capturing it is in my nature. Running another 365 project is only going to encourage me to keep a camera in my hand, although hopefully soon I will have a new camera that will make this easier…

No, I am not talking about a super expensive Amazon purchase which would inevitably cause the wife to chase me with a knife, I am in fact referring to upgrade day on my phone contract, which is just days away! My current phone, the iPhone 5, is now two years old has been great, it has done everything I needed it to and been a fantastic phone, and now I can upgrade it, and have finally made a decision on which one will be its successor. This time around it has been tougher than ever, the phone market has changed massively, and smart phones are constantly evolving and becoming more like hand held super-computers! They’re not so much smart phones, more like genius phones! I think I am not alone when I say that I feel naked without mine, it is like an extension of me, and I’d rather leave my lunch at home for the day than leave for work without my phone!

Does anyone remember when we thought this screen was genuinely big enough for all our needs…?
We may mock it now and wonder how we didn’t lose more of them considering how small they were, but back then at least we got a good few days out of the battery, even when we were using it all the time! On top of which, our choice between phones seemed much simpler during that era, and a 12 month phone contract didn’t seem like such a massive commitment even if we had picked a phone that sucked a bit. Things stepped up a gear for me when I picked up a blackberry, which wasn’t something I may have looked at if my friend hadn’t got one and raved about how good it was. Soon after I signed my contract and took my blackberry home the first ever iPhone was released and I was immediately kicking myself! Being the self confessed tech junkie that I am, I’d seen a new toy that I knew was different to anything I’d owned before… and I wanted it! I had to be patient and wait, and eventually the time came for me to upgrade, in which time Apple has released a new version of the iPhone, the 3GS and so I grabbed one straight away. Like many others, I have never looked back, and when it came to upgrade again it was not even a contest, Apple had changed everything since they released their first iphone, and again, I wanted their latest product, the iPhone 4S. Suddenly this new 2 year contract thing that everyone had been forced to get accustomed to didn’t seem quite so bad as I had a phone that I was actually not looking to upgrade anytime soon. It wasn’t long before the next embodiment of iPhone was released, the iPhone 5, sleaker, longer and faster, I knew it would be my next upgrade… which it was! It was at this point though, that the competition started catching up, and people started to notice that Apple had been caught napping, suddenly the phone market was a mass of exciting technology and this fierce competition between manufacturers had suddenly got very interesting! People that were taken in by the iPhone and all its flashy features were beginning to get put off by Apples inflexibility on the cost of the handset, and when they saw that the competition was as good, if not better, they began to turn to the dark side. I can’t lie, I looked. Several of my friends were switching, and their new toys looked nice, but by this point I was kinda tied in to the whole Apple thing, having the Apple TV at home and an iPad that worked so nicely with both the phone and the Apple TV, as well as the wife having an iPhone too and us being able to enjoy the benefits of the two handsets working together effortlessly in that magical Apple way! I had a decision to make now, upgrade day wasn’t far away and the competition looked sweet… but… Apples new iPhone had yet to be unveiled. They had to pull something special out of the bag this time or it was likely to see a mass exodus from iOS to android. I had grown to love my iPhones and the simplicity of such powerful products, and really wanted this to be something that I’d continue to want, and they didn’t disappoint! With the iPhone 6 and 6 plus being announced, I think many iPhone users were happy, as was I. The android option was still there for me, and my friends LG was a seriously nice looking piece of kit, so what to do?! I did more research on this upgrade than I have ever done before, and lets face it, a two year contract is going to feel like forever if you pick a crap phone! I checked out multiple reviews online, and countless reviews and comparisons on youtube, listing all the pros and cons of staying with Apple or switching, and what it was about the new iPhone would actually make me want to stay. There were strong arguments for both sides, and in the end I decided that it wasn’t quite 50/50, it was actually 60/40 in favour of one device… I was staying with Apple, and come upgrade day which is actually this Thursday, I’ll be putting my name down for a new iPhone 6 plus. The reviews have been very impressive, Apple have addressed the screen size issue, the battery issue and given us a phone with a great camera, from what I’ve gathered. So I am hoping that when I come to upgrade, suddenly my phone camera will be a suitable alternative to having a compact camera around. Sure, my iPhone 5 has done the trick when it has needed to, but it had its limitations. One of the shining reviews about the new iPhone 6 was its camera, and even though the megapixel count has not changed since my phone, it is still wowing people with the results it is producing, and that can’t be argued with! How much will I be using it for this years 365 project? I guess time will tell!

And before I sign off for the night and make my way to bed…


This little lady has now had her very first haircut, and is sporting a very cool fringe! The major downside of this is the sudden and painful realisation that she really isn’t a baby any more… apparently they keep growing, who knew?!

Our little baby has (what feels very suddenly) gone from being this exactly TWO YEARS AGO today…


to this little lady that we see marching around the house now, making various demands on us…


When I met my wife I thought I’d never fall in love again, oh how wrong I was, our gorgeous little daughter has totally stolen her daddys heart!


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