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“Never ask the wife to help you clean your camera lenses!”


It’s at this time of year that the majority of us tend to focus on one thing… exactly how much we ate over Christmas! If, like me, you’re one of these people and you’re really, really lucky, you won’t at least be thinking about how tight your clothes have become, or how some of them don’t even fit any more.

I am not so lucky!

Some of my clothes have got significantly tighter and some of them plain just don’t fit any more! I know full well that as soon as December started I pretty much turned into an eating machine, and consequently I fully expected to put weight on over the festive period, although getting on the weighing scales this week was still a little bit of a shock, I hadn’t quite expected the numbers that appeared in front of me… in fact I’m sure I could almost here the scales quietly sniggering at me! Still, it’s not the end of the world, I knew I’d end up putting something on, I allow myself to at this time of year, as for me its half of what christmas is all about. There are of course many elements to christmas, and yes I know there’s all that religious stuff that people will keep harping on about, but for me it’s ultimately down to two things… seeing people and eating well. I love catching up with friends and family at this time of year, it’s a great excuse to pick up the phone and say “let’s meet up!”. I don’t mind if they come to us, or if we go to them, it’s just a lovely time to see those who matter the most! The food and drink is equally important, in fact some could even say that this aspect is possibly being pushed by companies almost as much as buying presents is. There are plenty of folk who think Christmas is “just too commercial” and constantly remind us of this fact, would they also suggest that we’re also being brainwashed into spending just as much money on food and drink? Far more food and drink than we actually need? Or is that just something we’ve always done? The adverts on the to certainly want us to make sure our cupboards are full up with fine food and treats! Although I personally think that every good household should be well stocked for December anyway, mince pies for the guests, plenty of wine for when the kids go to bed, snacks for when it’s time to put the Christmas movie on, and don’t forget all the chocolate and cheese biscuits too! Maybe I’ve been brainwashed myself? Still, it’s not like I’m putting up much of a fight, the mulled wine and Pringles have gone down very well indeed!

Sadly, like every December, all this fun and hedonism has to come to an end, and inevitably January will relentlessly roll around and we get to take a good long look at what we’ve done to ourselves in the mirror. You could almost liken this moment of realisation to when the lights come on in the club at the end of the evening when you’ve spent the evening dancing and trying to pick up someone, and you actually get to see what they really look like under the harsh lights… and it wasn’t what you thought you saw when it was all dark! Well, for me the lights are most definitely on now, I have looked in the mirror, and it is not good. So what do I do about it? Well, I have a plan, and that plan is called myfitnesspal, an iPhone/iPad app that I have used before and previouslylost a stone and a half with (over 20kg) just using this app alone! Cutting out the snacks combined with generally being more active, and then doing this consistently paid off in the end! I’ve been using the app for two days now, and I the initial test weigh in the scales showed a drop off of 2lbs straight away after just a couple of days, and I can like the heartburn issue that was becoming quite regular has started to disappear too! I’ll keep the updates posted on here as we go through the rest of the month. Wish me luck!

Is anyone else trying to shift a few lbs? What are you doing about it?

Just before I hit ‘publish’ on this post, here’s a quick shot of our little lady, looking like she’s having a fairly good time, nothing too much worrying her… Oh the deceiving magic of Calpol!! You’d never believe this photo was taken at 11pm after nearly an hour of sobbing and whinging and snot and clinging to daddy like she was being dangled over a cliff! The poor little girl spent a day at nursery and yet again came home with a temperature! She has literally only just got over the last bout of germs, poor little thing, it seems so unfair! Still, it’s winter and there are lots of other toddlers around at nursery, what else can we expect? So, after a couple of hours in bed this evening she was back up, and so unhappy that we actually gave up trying to calm her in her bedroom and instead brought her downstairs for a bit in an attempt to settle her. The Calpol was flatly refused, and swiped away in temper, but we eventually got it down, and just 10 minutes later, it was like there hadn’t been a single tear! Oh the joys of children! Thankfully, after a few cuddles she finally went back off to sleep, which probably means she’ll still be asleep in the morning when the mother in law arrives and we have to leave for work. I hate the thought of not seeing her in the morning before we head out of the door, but this little girl needs to catch on her sleep now, and save her energy for fighting off the germs! I just hope a good sleep does the trick!



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