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365.365 days, thats 52.52 weeks and 12.12 months – That’s it folks, 2014 is done!!


Here we are on the final post of the year, and what a year it has been! Busy is one word for it, and this only makes it feel like the year has gone even faster, it has quite literally been a blur! I know that if I didn’t have this blog to refer back to then I probably wouldn’t have a clue where the last 12 months had actually gone! We’ve had some births along the way, I’ve been to a very unexpected funeral of a work colleague, our little lady growing fast and is virtually unrecognisable from this time last year, I’ve seen a whole bunch of milestone birthdays in 2014, the majority of which being 40th birthdays, there have been weddings, oh and a fantastic F1 season too!!

This new years eve I fully expected to be sat at home again, much like last year. Since we became parents, life obviously changed hugely for us, and my love of celebrating new years eve had to reflect that. Last year was our first year as parents and a time of significant reflection, to stay at home as a family was really nice. This year I was more resigning myself to the fact that we’d be stuck at home, happy I was with my family, and feeling a bit better about the fact knowing I wasn’t missing out on much as most of my friends were also doing the same. Still, I do think it is nice to be around people for new years eve, as for me its a time of celebration. I know not everyone sees it this way, some a completely indifferent with the attitude that its “just another night”, much like the wife, whereas some don’t actually like it at all, perhaps too many memories from the previous 12 months are dragged up. I’ve never felt this, and for some reason I’ve always looked forward to it, and with a few successful house parties with friends, even began to get Clare into the whole new years even party spirit, although this didn’t last forever.

This new years eve, for me, marks the end of the second year of my 365 project. I took it up at the start of 2013, and covered Clares pregnancy, the birth of our daughter and a bunch of other significant events. I really enjoyed documenting each day of the year, and decided to roll it over onto a second year in 2014. The photography was obviously a major part of a 365 project, but the documentary/blog side of it began to take over and become the bigger focus. It has caused me to seriously consider how I want to take this blog, and my photography, into 2015 as it seems a bit of a shame to just suddenly stop documenting everything. The only major consideration in this is how much time it has taken up doing it every single day, and the fact that I am currently several posts behind has been testament to this! The blog will continue in 2015, and there will be photos, but I just have to consider how frequently I intend to do this. I have to set a quota, or I may just end up becoming less and less frequent with the posts until I just give up!

Thankfully this year, we had managed to make some plans for new years eve. One of Clares best friends had moved down to devon with her husband and daughters, so we only get to see them a couple of time a year. Thankfully they have enough room to put us up for a couple of nights, which we have taken advantage of a couple of times. Clare had been in touch with her friends husband and arranged for us to stay over this new years eve, and make it a surprise for his wife and the girls. We were both looking forward to it, and knew it would make an amazing surprise for them. We planned it all out, packed the car up, and on the morning Clare had to spend the morning in work, so I got Olivia up and ready and set out to pick her up at lunchtime when she finished, then we began our road trip! When we arrived, Clares friend Terri came out and her face was an absolute picture! The two girls were over the moon to see Olivia, and the three of them played together lovely! It was a great afternoon, we ordered take away, and had a few drinks and wished each other a happy new year when midnight rolled around. The day couldn’t have gone any better! What a way to end the year, happy and in the company of good friends.

Happy new year to everyone reading this!


6 thoughts on “365.365 days, thats 52.52 weeks and 12.12 months – That’s it folks, 2014 is done!!”

  1. Yes, blogging each day is work! I’ve attempted and have too soon realized that each day is an impossibility for me. So for 2015 I will try the project 52.

    Looking forward to your next post.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment. It has been tough, and I know for others there just isn’t the time. I’ve only managed it myself through staying up far too late on some nights! I did consider the project 52, and I might still do it, but I will be carrying on twice a week anyway, with the photos, so technically thats the same thing anyway. Good luck with yours!


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