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Almost at the end of the year, and almost at the end of the blog and falling quite behind with it too, still, here is the penultimate post. Tuesday was a dilemma, with both myself and Clare off work we didn’t know whether or not to send Olivia off to nursery as we were both at home anyway. In the end we decided it would be a good idea to send her, as I think she gets a great deal out of it and we needed a little time to catch up on tidying the house and on top of which I needed to get a power nap while she was out, to catch up on the sleep I’d missed out on while she was up in the night.

We’re so lucky to have a little girl who likes nursery, she has given us no trouble from day one, and seems to be enjoying it and learning from it, and seeing as we are paying for it anyway, we figured that we may as well send her and let her enjoy it for a few hours. This gave me and Clare the chance to sort a few bits around the house and catch up on a few things. The hours go so fast though, and before we knew it, it was time to head out and pick her up again. It was cold, but a nice brisk walk was what I needed to wake myself up. It was lovely to have Olivia home again, as although it seems daft, I do miss her when I’m off work and we put her in nursery, and by the end of the day I can’t wait to go and pick her up again.

We decided that although the new year diet doesn’t start until Monday morning, we could at a least start getting in practise for eating better as we’d eaten nothing but crap in recent weeks, and so Clare made a very healthy and delicious carrot and coriander soup, one of our favourites, and something we don’t do often enough, regardless of how much we talk about it! With some hot fresh bread it made a fantastic meal, and I think considering how much we’ve eaten lately, we’ll be doing a lot more of this in the new year!


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