Its fair to say that christmas is well and truly out of the way now, and the focus is firmly on the new year. We have our plans for new years eve set out, although I cant currently say much at the moment on here, as although I doubt the person involved even reads this blog, our plans will involve a bit of a surprise for someone! Its fun making plans and preparations all the same, even if the person involved is blissfully unaware.

Today we’d arranged to meet up at Scotts house for an hour in the afternoon, for a bit of a play date for the children, but the first stop of the day was a shopping trip to Mothercare, we were getting Olivia her first pair of shoes!

Photo 29-12-2014 12 50 53
Photo 29-12-2014 12 59 20
The trip was a success and Olivia loved them, the start of a lifelong passion between a girl and her shoes I guess!


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