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Half way through my week off already, how fast these holidays go! After taking a couple of weeks off the cycling and the running to rest my lungs a bit, in an attempt to clear this pesky cough that would not disappear, I decided that I was tired of eating like some kind of food clearing machine, and was tired of watching my waist grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger… it was time to get those running shoes back on, and head out to the reservoir! I met my good friend and running partner Rob at the usual spot, at the usual time and we set out in the frosty -1ºc air on a 6 mile run. We were both feeling a few twinges here and there, but neither of us had done much exercise for a couple of weeks, and I personally feel that with the air being so cold, we should have perhaps done a bit of a warm before we started. Cold muscles, on a very cold morning, are much more prone to injury. We took it slowly, and carefully, listening to our bodies, and the niggles didn’t get any worse, so we kept going and treated our first lap like a bit of a warm up to get the leg muscles relaxed and working. It was a very pleasant way to start the day and it was good to get some fresh, germ free, air into my lungs instead of being stuck in a room with the heating cranked up and the windows closed, like I have for most of December so far!

After the run we decided that Clare and Olivia could do with a little fresh air as well, as we’d missed our family boxing day walk due to inclement weather, and with today being sunny, with a bright blue sky, it seemed too nice to waste it! We fixed Olivia some lunch and then headed out to a local park to meet my friend Scott and his little boy Ewan so they could all get some fresh air and the kids could play on the swings, which they both thoroughly loved, even though poor Olivia’s fingers were starting to go a bit blue with the cold. At that point we left the swings and went to stretch our legs with a bit of a walk around the park. It was so nice, we need to be doing this more often!

Our evening plans for today had changed, as I had agreed to baby sit for some friends of ours, who at the last minute had to change their plans, with only one of them going out, meaning my services were no longer necessary, and so with our evening in together there was only one thing for it, order in a chinese takeaway before the January diet blitz and sit down for the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year on tv!


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