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The holidays have proved to be quite busy so far, and today certainly didn’t prove to be any different, it was the 21st birthday celebrations of my cousin, a family gathering at my aunt and uncles house, and it was looking like we expected most of the family to make it. Over the years we don’t have many events where the family get together any more, unlike when I was growing up and we used to get together for parties and celebrations all the time and none of the family had actually fallen out, so for me the fact that a lot of us were getting back together again meant it was a great afternoon! The family have drifted away from each other a little bit over the years, which is sad, and has meant that only on very rare occasions do we actually get together, and there are always a few that don’t make it. Even my own wedding day wasn’t enough for all the family to put the past behind them for one day and just turn up, I have a number of aunts, uncles and cousins, but part of the family, my aunt and two of my cousins totally didn’t bother, not only did they not bother attending my wedding at all, but also didn’t bother with a present, or even a card, not even an apology for not being able to make it because they’d chosen not to… and all of this all because my aunt had fallen out with, not me, but my mom. I mean, really… what does THAT have to do with me or my new wife, or our big day?? But then, that’s families for you, you certainly can’t choose them! Still, even though this particular aunt turned up at todays party, which I was very surprised about, I didn’t let it bother me, I just ignored her and we had a lovely afternoon with the rest of the family. I was a little annoyed with myself that I had actually taken my camera and left it in the car, so the only photo I ended up taking all day was one of two of my cousins little girls playing, on my iPhone.


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