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Boxing Day, a day that everyone in the UK celebrates, its a day off work, so why wouldn’t they?! But no one actually knows why it has this name, or what boxing day is even all about. Why is it called Boxing Day? Why are there so many different theories, and no one likely scenario? A facebook friend of mine did recently make me chuckle by confessing that whilst drunk at a christmas party he’d managed to successfully convince a bunch of americans that in the UK we actually put on boxing gloves and beat each other senseless! Priceless! I can see myself using that one in the future!

Our actual plans for boxing day, thankfully, did not involve boxing gloves or any attempt to knock each other out, they were far tamer than that. Traditionally we gather at the in laws house with the rest of Clare’s family in the evening for some food and drinks, although we had decided that we’d spent enough time indoors over christmas already and wanted to go for a boxing day walk to blow out a few cobwebs. By the time Olivia had woken up from her morning nap and had lunch, it had started raining outside and I was the only one with a decent rain coat, so braving the weather and heading out anyway wasn’t really an option. This weather had been forecast, but arrived sooner than we were expecting, and the forecast also suggested heavy snow as well. Like always, with the snow forecasts, I say that I’ll believe it when I see it. I asked Clare if she thought we’d actually see any at all, to which she replied “naaahhhhh!”… it promptly started snowing two minutes later!

The walk had been abandoned, but we still had to get to the in laws house. Its a short walk, but the temptation is to take the car, especially when we have to take Olivia and the weather isn’t good. The dilemma was that the snow meant we may have to walk back anyway, and we would probably also leave the car there and walk back if we both wanted a drink… so I made the decision to walk there. Clare wasn’t thrilled, but it made sense as it meant the car would be at home in the morning, plus I had to consider that Olivia had never seen snow before, and I thought it would be nice to walk round and let her watch the snow and feel it falling on her face. It was a pleasant evening as always, and Olivia got to play with her cousins, even if the newest arrival isn’t quite as delicate as Olivia and sees her as a bit of a climbing frame. This doesn’t go down well with Olivia! I’m sure as they get older they’ll begin to play properly together, but for now I think Olivia is just keen to keep a little bit of distance between the two of them!


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