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A day of panic for some, of thankful relaxation for others, and speed wrapping for parents, Christmas Eve arrives and today we have a very specific agenda, squeezing in a few of our lovely friends along the way. Sadly Olivia and myself had to watch Clare disappear off to work, although happy in the knowledge that by lunchtime she’d be finished again and we could go and pick her up from the city centre. The traffic was quiet and sure it wouldn’t have taken her much longer to get back on the bus like she normally does, but it’s Christmas Eve, and we to give her something to look forward to while she was stuck at work for the morning! Once home we had to tidy the house and clean the kitchen before we could start work on prepping vegetables for tomorrow’s dinner, I’m sure we’re probably amongst the many who do this, but we want Christmas dinner to be as little effort as possible on the day , and quite literally anything that can be done the night before will be done so that we can just focus on the cooking on Christmas Day. The less time spent in the kitchen, the more time spent with our family.

We couldn’t start straight away as we only had a short time before our first guest arrived, Millie and my godson Noah. Sadly a rather short visit as they had other places to be, but lovely to see them all the same, and time to swap presents and catch up over a hot drink before they were gone. Better a short visit than none at all! There was a little window of opportunity where we could get a few bits done before our next guests arrived, Tracy and Richard and their little boy Oliver. They were running a little late, as is commonly accepted when you have children, which meant it was dark by the time they got to us, and after swapping some gifts and catching up over a hot drink, I noticed the time, and it was almost time for the International Space Station to be flying over. It was a clear sky and someone on facebook had suggested that all the parents of young children take them outside to see ISS and tell them that it’s Santa flying over! While Olivia was a little too young to understand, Oliver was clearly quite excited at the prospect, it was lovely to watch, and according to facebook afterwards, there were many parents whose children extremely excited to have seen Father Christmas fly over in his sleigh!

Eventually the guests had gone, so with a slightly tired and grumpy Olivia, I stayed at home while Clare went off to christmas mass at the church with her parents. It would have been nice to take Olivia, but she hasn’t been herself lately, and she wouldn’t have sat through it. She needed a bath, a bottle and then bed, which was exactly what I did while Clare was out.

With church eventually out of the way, Olivia in bed, the table all set for tomorrow, and all the preparation for Christmas dinner done, we settled down and decided to create a new tradition for ourselves, the Christmas Eve takeaway!


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