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Christmas eve eve gave us the dilemma of whether or not to pack Olivia off to nursery for the day, and as it turned out she slept much better, her temperature had come down and she seemed much happier, so it was a fairly easy decision. I had no real reason to try to free up my day, but I know she enjoys it there and I thought she may as well have a day with her friends doing nice things and it gave me the chance to do a few chores around the house.

Rather than walking round to pick Olivia up from nursery, I took the car today and arranged to meet Clare there once she had got off the bus on the way home from work, so we could go straight out to visit Trevor and Tanya and see their new baby. It is always a bit emotional when friends have a baby, especially when its their first one, and even Olivia was excited to meet this one! We were really caught off guard though, when Olivia decided to draw a little more attention to herself by starting to walk!! Yes, that’s right, its taken a while getting there, but our little lady decided she had waited long enough to attempt walking and took a number of steps, and even looking fairly steady while doing it. We were all very excited and it really made… well, not just our day, but our christmas! I just hope we see more of it sooner rather than later!


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