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Sunday started with a bit of urgency as we’d had another bad night with Olivia and were all very tired. Yet again she’d woken up with a temperature very close to 40ºc and covered in snot! It was all we could do to clean her up and cool her down. The temptation is to take drastic measure to cool her, but this isn’t necessarily the best idea. We gave her the magic elixir of calpol and removed her top layer of clothing. This seemed to help and whilst she was still warm when I put her back down, at least the thermometer showed her body temperature was starting to go down.

We were due to meet our friends at the local garden centre, as just like last year they had some real reindeers for the children to see. We picked up Olivia’s cousin along the way and it was a lovely morning out and a chance for the parents to catch up over a hot chocolate and a bite in the garden centre cafe once we’d seen the reindeers. There was no rush as lunch was already sorted for us courtesy of the in-laws, and after we’d spent a couple of hours there, it was time to head home so that I could get ready for the evenings event, the wedding celebrations of a friend of mine. I’d been asked to take a few photos, although I wasn’t quite clear on what would be happening, and wasn’t expecting to see another photographer there. As it was n asian wedding, the actual registry had been done the day before, and this was an evening of celebration, but I didn’t know what was supposed to be happening, and so it wasn’t an ideal situation for me, as I like to be prepared for weddings, and certainly don’t want to feel like I am in competition with another photographer, which was what this was starting to feel like. Whilst I do sometimes shoot with a second photographer, which is usually my friend Phil, we always work to compliment each other and try not to duplicate each others shots. If I am shooting with someone I don’t know, I would meet them first to discuss the day and what each of us is expected to do. Finding out on the night that a second person was also taking photos meant I was on a back foot from the start, this person clearly knew what was going on and seemed to know a lot of the people already. In the end, I did my best, I got a few good shots, and I saw that the other person had also been busy, so I am sure that most angles had been covered. It was fun, but I was certainly glad to be heading home that night though, thats for sure!


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