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Saturday morning is normally that time of the week whenI head off out for a six mile run, only this week I have cancelled all running activity. With my chest still bad, and this coughing not cleared up yet, it didn’t make sense, besides, we have plenty to do this weekend and I could do with not making myself any busier!

Olivia was not well again today, and even though the day started well, todays photos which was taken around midday and was pretty much the last of the smiles that we saw out of her for most of the day. Still, we had more guests arriving today, this time Olivia’s god parents Kathryn and Andrew were stopping by for some lunch. Its always good to see them and their boys. Clare had decided that we were going buffet style with the lunch, a load of oven baked indian style goods, very tasty, as well as the fact that I had the bread making machine on making us a fresh loaf of bread for some sandwiches.

Trying to keep Olivia happy today was going to be a battle. I tried to grab a plateful of food while I could, but she was clearly desperately in need of a nap, and it took way more time and considerable more effort than I expected to get her off to sleep, in fact so much so that we had to abort this initial attempt as I was clearly getting nowhere, plus the following attempt later that afternoon was also aborted. Instead of her sleeping, I just had to sit cuddling little miss grumpy who seemed to be getting hotter, more fed up, and less inclined to play with any toys or either of the boys! There was little we could do with her besides comfort her, try and keep her hydrated and cool, and ride it out. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves all the same, and it was was lovely catching up with Kat & Andy when I wasn’t too busy upstairs trying to get Olivia to sleep. As she wouldn’t cool down though, I eventually had little choice but to strip off Olivia’s clothes right down to her vest, and this thankfully seemed to allow her to cool down enough, so that on the third attempt at getting her to sleep, it finally worked!

Normally on these kind of occasions we’re often done and ready to go our separate ways after a couple of hours, but it was a lovely afternoon and we were all enjoying ourselves, and so we decided to extend it into the evening. We made some dinner for the boys and ordered a chinese takeaway for ourselves, which felt a little naughty given that we’d only just ordered one on Wednesday for my mom’s birthday, but then again, it was Saturday evening, it is christmas, and we don’t see Kat & Andy often enough… so screw it, lets do it! After her nap, Olivia was clearly nowhere near ready for bed at her normal bedtime, so whilst we were tucking into our chow mein, we let the kids watch some tv whilst nibbling on a few of our prawn crackers. It was all a bit chaotic and disorganised, but we had fun. Eventually it was definitely bed time for the little ones, so they all headed off and left us to get Olivia into bed for another attempt at sleeping through the night, although we didn’t have high hopes of making it through to the morning uninterrupted, as we are having zero success with this lately. In fact in the past month, I would estimate that we’ve managed to sleep through completely no more than five times. A bit of a change from the little lady who used to go to sleep at 7:30pm and not be heard at all until the sun came up the following morning, on pretty much a daily basis! Will we ever get those nights back? How long does teething last? How long will she be bringing home germs from nursery for? Is this waking up in the night all getting a bit habit forming?? Oh dear, we really have been spoilt as parents up until now, with a baby who slept so well. All these sleepless nights have come as a bit of a shock to us… they don’t last forever, right?

2 thoughts on “354.365”

  1. Shame, we just went through a similar spell, not fun for anyone, but we are back to normal again, so yes it will come right…until the next, although another molar is coming through without much hassle. So I guess it varies too. Best of luck.


  2. Thanks! I know we just have to ride this out like a bad storm, and I know it will get better. It just feels like these nights of broken sleep are going on forever! We’re just not used to it, as she used to sleep so well!


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