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The last day of term arrives and it feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for it, especially this week which has been the only week where I have driven all five days instead of cycled in, since I first started cycling to work three years ago. There was no way I could have cycled this week, my cough has been chesty and persistent, and I would only have made it worse. It wasn’t something I really wanted to gamble on this close to the holidays.

It was definitely nice to be able to jump in the car at the end of the day and get home quickly, and not have to get changed out of sweaty cycling clothes for a change. I picked up Olivia from her grandparents on the way back and we just had to wait a little while longer for Clare to get back before I could really feel like the holidays had started for me. We had our good friends Dave and Nicola coming round for dinner that evening, so I started to make preparations in the kitchen as I had planned a risotto, which never sounds like its going to take long, but always inevitably takes far longer than I can ever be able to explain! Tonight proved to be no exception! With Clare home and Olivia in bed, I started the cooking while we waited for our guests to arrive. After a bad nights sleep last night with Olivia, we were both exhausted already, and Clare had asked about doing dinner on a different night, but I knew we’d be fine and op top of which I hate to cancel at the last minute anyway.

Dave and Nicola arrived, and the ladies chatted in the living room, drinking wine, while Dave kept me company in the kitchen whilst I cooked dinner. We had a very pleasant evening, and thankfully they didn’t want to stay too late either, which meant we didn’t end up going to bed too late, and I didn’t get grief from my tired wife for insisting that we that don’t cancel! Phew!


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