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The germs still attempt to ruin today, and come awfully close, but today is my mothers birthday, she’s coming over for food and, damn it, I will not be beaten by a few miserable germs! Today was also the day of our school carol service at the local church, an event I always like to attend. The staff and kids work very hard to try and put together a show for visitors, parents and guests and the school have been using this church for 24 years now, it has become quite a tradition. I had a small part to play, helping some of the kids with some bell ringing, so I didn’t want to let anyone down by calling in sick. By lunch time, after the carol service was over, I was starting to feel even worse. Previously when I have woken up sick, I tend to feel better as the day goes on, and there have been times over the years that I get to a point in the day and wonder if I should have even called in sick at all. For some reason I find it difficult to call in sick without being overcome with guilt, like I am lying to someone or trying to cheat them out of a days pay, and if they find out I am not quite sick enough then I may have to explain myself when I get back to work! This still applies when I am feeling a bit like the great plague has overcome me and I am just hours from death. I imagine it would probably still apply if an arm fell off! Thats just me, I don’t like calling in sick, and I really don’t like letting people down. With the carol service done, I give some thought to the possibility of going home, and with that thought in my head, I actually realise what a good idea it is. Getting back into bed and letting my body rest could really do me well on the road to recovery. I made the arrangements and felt like I was doing the walk of shame back to the car, however, a short while later I was back in my bed and fast asleep, the guilt soon subsided then!

A powernap can be a huge benefit in many situations, especially on a day like today where it gave me a chance to recover enough to entertain my mom and her other half, plus my sister and her other half, although cooking was well out of the window and we opted for the cheeky midweek takeaway option instead. It feels a bit naughty ordering a takeaway on a Wednesday, but in my defence it was for a good reason! I opted out of washing my meal down with a celebratory beer or glass of wine and instead put the kettle on, dug out a lemon, and took the honey from the cupboard to make a fresh honey and lemon drink. None of the supermarket powdered rubbish, but the actual thing. Tastes so much better too!


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