350.365 – 15 days to go!

Germs, damn germs everywhere! I am ill yet again, and its come just over a week before christmas. I am not impressed! There is no point in even considering cycling to work while I am like this, which I’d rather be doing, firstly as its better than sitting in traffic, and secondly as I won’t be exercising a huge amount for the two weeks that I’m off work! Some weeks the cycling is all the exercise I get! Tuesday night, as ever, is about the jujitsu training, and our sensei promised us we would be completing our grading this week. I had hopes of taking my brown belt home with me. I was feeling rough and had considered not going in, but I really wanted to finish the grading along with everyone else. Only it turns out our sensei had changed his mind, and we’ll be finishing the grading in the new year now I guess. Still, he is the sensei, and it is not for us to question him! I just wish I’d known before hand as I may well have stayed at home and rested instead. Still, its done now, and we’re finished for the christmas holidays, so it’ll be nice to have Tuesday evenings at home for a couple of weeks!


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