Monday, most definitely a day of two halves. I’d made the rare decision to take the car to work this morning, only on the basis that I needed to join friends after work for a meal, as a colleague was leaving at the end of this week for a new job in a different part of the country. It was a guy I’d known for about 19 years and I wanted to be a part of his send off. Initially we had a table booked at TGI Fridays, but due to kitchen problems they closed before I had even got there, and so I met everyone at a restaurant called the Garden House. This is somewhere I have been to for food twice before, and had a poor experience both times, regardless of everyone I have ever spoken to about it saying what a fantastic place it is. This time there was still an hours wait between ordering and food actually arriving. I can safely say that the food was food, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was great. Would I go back again? Well, the prices were reasonable, and the portions were large, but I really don’t like having to wait almost an hour, in an almost empty restaurant, for nothing more exciting than standard fish and chips! I guess if the food was poor, then I’d never go back, and considering I have never been there through choice, I’m unlikely to make the decision to go there in the future either. I’ve only ever been as a result of being part of a group that have decided to go, and that may well be the case yet again in the future! Regardless, when my food was finished, I decided to say my goodbyes and leave. I was keen to get home and see my little princess before she went to bed, and its a good job I did, as I could feel something not quite right. I had literally been surrounded by germs all day long, its an unavoidable part of working in a school, but most of the kids had been coughing all day long without covering their mouths and now I was starting to feel ill. It had come on quite quickly, and just a couple of hours later I was curled up on the sofa feeling like death, cold, aching and with no energy at all… and that cough, oh that cough! It felt like I was trying to force my lungs out of my body through my throat! It is a common fact that I am not one for an early night, in fact being in bed before 11pm is virtually unheard of, so for me to be turning in by 9:45pm was fairly significant. I knew there was every chance that Olivia would be up in the middle of the night yet again, so I guess I had to prepare myself for it to happen!


About andrewvokes

Husband to my beautiful wife Clare, and father to two gorgeous girls. Cyclist, runner and photographer, living in Birmingham, UK.

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  1. This photo is stunning! I hope you’re feeling better!


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